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  1. I wasn't sure what thread to put this in but in the end I think this segment speaks volumes about Spielman's decisions. I would say that coaching has a lot to do with the success of this team, but the decisions that have been made to continue to be competitive with all these injuries. The comment in this segment that rains true to me is when Brandt says "he could have been concerned with Teddy's ego but he knew that this team is built for now and he went out and spent money on the best QB available, and this team is better with Bradford." I paraphrased it a bit.

    Here is the segment from NFLN's Good Morning Football.

  2. Spielman on Treadwell, 2016 Rookies: 'When Their Numbers Get Called, They'll be Ready'

    Spielman emphasized this especially on the topic of Laquon Treadwell, Minnesota’s first-round draft pick that has played sparingly at wide receiver over the first five weeks of the season. Second-round draft pick Mackensie Alexander has also seen only a few glimpses at cornerback.

    “It shows that if you have the flexibility to have time to develop those guys, that when their number does come up, they’re truly ready to go,” said Spielman, who watches practice – or practice film, if he’s on the road scouting – every day. “To see this draft class and the development of where they were in Week 1 to where they are today, I don’t think our coaches or I have any doubt that when these guys’ numbers get called, they’ll be ready.
    Following Minnesota’s 11-5 season in 2015, the Vikings re-signed 12 of their players in addition to bringing in two veteran free agents. As much as Spielman focuses on building the team, it’s all a process to create as successful and as deep a group as possible.

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    Pretty solid stuff there.

    It kind of reminds me about how Diggs exploded on the scene last season. Make sure they are ready and when they get the call ... it becomes up to them.

    We are a very deep team ... and in the injury-riddled NFL ... that is a very nice luxury.

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