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    2016 Pre-season games review

    Thought we might have a thread to discuss our thoughts on the Vikings preseason games. I didn't see even a replay of the Bengal game so I have nothing to say on that one. I did watch the Seattle game last night. The takeaways I have as having viewed it casually: 1) OL still has much work to do. Looked to me like Seattle defensive front not only dominated the first unit, but the second and third as well. Run blocking didn't appear to be very good and the run game was lacking. Pass blocking looked ok, even Hill was able to complete some downfield throws thanks to a couple great catches. 2) Mackenzie Alexander got educated. Seemed to be trailing receivers all night and gave up (with assistance) a critical PI that almost cost the game. 3) Treadwell a non-factor with zero catches. Appeared he could not gain sufficient separation. Too early to tell but it seems there is work for him to do. 4) Walsh appears to be a head case and can't be depended on when the game is on the line. He may say he's put the Seattle playoff debacle behind him but it he's not showing it. Blew the 47 yard FG in crunch time.

    Yes, I know it's only pre-season. And I know we're looking at new or young guys. But I'm a believer that the pre-season sets the tone for the regular, for real season. In that case, this team has some work to do. Hopefully Zim will keep them from believing the press that is telling them how good they are. I've seen Viking teams choke on expectations more than once. Maybe the presence of Bridgewater and Peterson will mitigate some of the issues I saw. Time will tell.
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  2. The inability to stop the run or generate a running game is worrisome. We got absolutely manhandled all game long and it showed in the stats. Minnesota had 26 carries for 70 yards which averages out to 2.7 yards/carry. Seattle had 31 carries for 187 yards which averages out to 6 yards/carry. It'll be a long season if we cannot fix this and even Peterson couldn't generate many more yards out of that slop I'd imagine. The pass protection seemed to hold up okay for the most even though it seemed like Seattle could generate pressure at will but only gave up one sack. Hill and Stave had time to progress through their reads and weren't running scared for their lives. At this point, I feel more optimistic about our o-line's ability to pass block than run block which I didn't think would happen.

    I really do not understand Zimmer's decision to make Bridgewater a healthy scratch basically saying he can because it's his team. Bridgewater needs game time reps against opposing teams, even if it's preseason, to show that he has in fact developed and it isn't all smoke and hype. He's had a good training camp based on articles I've read and had a decent showing in the game last week vs. Cincy, but our offense continues to look shaky like last season and that will not improve with Hill or Stave under center.

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    I expect we will see a lot of Teddy next week. I also think the starting o-line will be set next week as well. The running holes on the left side of the D-line that Pope exploited were worrisome. However I have faith that Zim will know how to fix that. Also we still found a way to win even though we didn't dominate the Sea Hawks. Keep in mind that the Sea Hawks are close to the top of the power rankings in the 2016 pre-season polls so I didn't expect us to dominate them. We managed to hold Russell Wilson scoreless the first half I felt really good about that. Looking forward to next weeks game in the new stadium.


  4. The concern with our struggles defensively to stop the run isn't just in the Seattle game. It's been the weakest link in Zimmer's defense since he got here. We occasionally have games where we can shut a running back down like Gurley, but we seem to get gashed by relatively unknown backs like Hyde and Hillman pretty often as well. Aside from the running game though, I agree that we played well against Seattle. Our pass protection was there most of the game and held up just long enough against their pressure. I thought Kyle Rudolph and Adam Thielen played really well and Thielen has been a pleasant surprise with the dud that is Patterson. Defensively, our secondary held up well and I've thought Waynes looks a lot better than he did this time last year which is encouraging with Newman's age. The pass rush looks to be great and have a lot of depth having 4 different players get sacks. Lastly, I hope you're right about Teddy. The concern about his shoulder gets more real the more time passes since the last time we saw him throw.
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  5. Has anyone heard any health updates on Xavier Rhodes, Matt Kalil, Shariff Floyd or Eric Kendricks? I heard that even though Teddy threw yesterday, that he may sit out the upcoming game again but don't know how reliable that information is.

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    Yeah as sometimes the regular players do sit out. In the final weeks or that they play to get them ready. All depends on the team really.
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    Sounds like Teddy let it loose today in practice and is expected to play. I was starting to get a little nervous. Rhodes and Kendricks have hamstring injuries and the little I know about those, I wouldn't expect them to play in a preseason game. Kalil didn't practice. Floyd practiced partially with a big knee brace on.

  8. Thanks for the input Ted Dibiase. I saw an interview with Teddy and Norv this morning and it sounds like Teddy will start the game on Sunday, at least he seemed to expect to play some. Kendricks has been dealing with a hammy most of training camp correct? I don't think I've seen him see any preseason action. I don't know if he necessarily needs any development time though after leading the team in tackles last season, but Floyd and Kalil definitely need the playing time.

  9. It is always fun to see a Vikings victory that didn't feel like your blood pressure is through the roof. I know it's preseason and it was against a lesser team in San Diego, but I was impressed with some of the things we were able to do and frustrated with some of things we were unable to do.

    We were finally able to slow down a team's running game and made it more difficult for them to convert 3rd downs (6-16 37%). The stats might not show an improvement since SD averaged 4.0 yds/carry, but that is inflated with the 39 yd TD run by Gordon. It's not much of an improvement over the Seattle game where they averaged 6 yds/carry, but hopefully it's just the beginning of an improved run d.

    Teddy's B.'s performance was indicative of all the praise we've heard this offseason going 12-16 for 160 yards and a TD. We never saw a bomb from him, but his touch on the intermediate throws, 10 to 20 yds, seemed to be on the money all game long and that 2 minute drive was a thing of beauty, especially the deep out to Diggs.

    There weren't many negative things in this game for me. We only had a 39% conversion rate on 3rd down and the inability to generate a consistent running game of our own. The biggest negative I took away is that we still struggle to put up TDs once inside the RZ. We had five drives that got inside the 20 and we only managed to score 3 points. That's even worse that our success rate last year, granted the rate should improve once Peterson is playing, but we should be able to do that even if he's on the sidelines. If we're able to convert those opportunities into 6 points instead 3, we will be a very scary to team to play against.
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    I only caught the second quarter and was very impressed. That little shake n bake move that Teddy pulled was pretty sweet. He looks much more decisive than he has been in the past.

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