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  1. Vikings Currently Favored In Most Of Their Games This Year

    Interesting take on the season. Some we're only favored by a couple of points.

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    Past Vikings teams didn't fare so well when they got preseason hype. I'd rather we were overlooked and had that "us against the world" mentality. That's a lot of hype to live up to and talking 14-2 is just crazy. There are a lot of good football teams on our schedule and more than a couple games are pretty much toss-ups.
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  3. they could well go 8-0 to 10-0 before losing

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    It will be down to Vikings D vs Packers O for the NFC North this year.

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    They could be either 10-0 or 11-0 before losing. It will be Vikings vs Packers in the NFC North Title indeed!
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    how can anyone assume what are record will be very optimistic that our o line with all the competition across the board will be greatly improved pass protection can open the passing game second year diggs wright johnson and patterson could have a break out year .first round rookie will contribute we could have an amazing offence ..ofcourse this would open running lanes and i hoping sporano will light a fire to this group look like old black blue if the offence can take the next big step good things will happen


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