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    2016 and the Optimistic Thread

    I did this last year, and my optimism did not jinx the team... so let's do it again!
    We don't know the exact schedule yet, but here are the 2016 home/away games-

    Green bay
    NY Giants

    Green bay

    I see (at this time) our Home schedule being 5-3, perhaps 6-2 if we improve off of last year's progress. One of the NFC Least teams will beat us, and it will be a stupid loss... it always works out that way. AZ is always tough (though we gave em hell last year), and hoping for a at home sweep of our division is asking a lot.

    The away schedule is much more lenient (based SOLELY on last year's teams, I know some of these teams will be much better), but we never get out of GB without a split, and Carolina is a beast at home. 6-2? Optimistically, we COULD be 7-1 away... that of course depends on if GB gets their shit together.

    If we do make the improvement Zimmer is hoping to see, being 13-3 is not out of the question. This opposing team list (AGAIN, based on the strength of last year) is much more favorable than the piece of crap we got last year.

    Keep in mind, we are being optimistic!! I know our division will improve, as will teams like Houston and the NFC East... We can deal with that later, we have a ways to go, not even mentioning the draft.

    Whatcha think?
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  2. Zimmer says were aren't that good so we will probably stink it up.


    Zimmer said that good is not great and we have to strive to be better.

    We will see how we fare.

    I will say 11-5, Green Bay will get their shit together and the Bears could improve a bit also.

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    Nothing wrong with being optimistic . I'd agree with Snow with an 11-5 season and also expect the Bears to be a surprise package this season.
    Given we're playing the Giants then that will be our NFC East loss as we always seem to struggle against them.
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  5. If we are being optimistic I would say we will go 14-2. The only home loss would be to AR and the only away loss would be to CAR.

    Realistically I would say 11-5, we will lose to either Houston or Indy and Arizona at home and away we will lose to GB, CHI, and CAR.

    Pessimistically 8-8, we would lose to GB, NYG, HOU and ARI at home and lose to GB, CHI, PHILLY or WASH, and CAR.

    So it should be another interesting ride for the Vikes in 2016.

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    My prediction will be:

    7-1 on the home games (loss to Arizona, wins against everyone else)
    6-2 on the road games (losses to Green Bay and Carolina, wins against everyone else)

    13-3 overall record (could be enough for a first-round bye!)

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    As long as we don't regress, our base is 11-5. Really.

    It is just as likely we become "that" team, the one that surprises everyone by just not losing. The one thing I fear is, a lot of young team's rite of passage is a down-the-tubes year to bind the group together (ala Carolina 2014).

    I would prefer the '90s Cowboys path instead... lol
    Men are moved by two levers only: fear and self interest.

    ~Napoleon Bonaparte on Politics


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