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    Vikings Sign Mike Zimmer To Contract Extension

    Vikings Sign Mike Zimmer To Contract Extension

    Zimmer led the Vikings to an 11-5 record last season and the club’s first NFC North Championship since 2009. Zimmer holds an 18-14 record in his two seasons as a head coach, the second-most wins by a Viking head coach his first two season trailing only Dennis Green who had 20 wins.

    Love it!

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    so happy with this.. Zimm is the coach we've been waiting for on our team for so long. His knowledge, the people he brings onboard, the mentality he instills.. how he wasn't chosen before is beyond me.. but i'm damn glad he's our coach!
    good job FO.. one of the best extensions done in a loooooong time!


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    Huge Zim fan here... He is refreshing, honest, credible, forceful, and obviously isn't just about being the man in charge. He is a great COACH. Vikes are in good hands for the foreseeable future. SKOL Vikings!!!

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  4. Great move.

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    Zim's the best coach we've had since DC Mike Tomlin, who I wanted as HC. I'm very happy we have Zimmer, and I believe he'll have us on the way to the big prize.

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    There were some people on this site who said that coaches at this level don't need to motivate players. But everyone needs motivation at certain times in their lives. I'm glad Mike Zimmer feels the same way. This is great.

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  7. Good move on the FO's part to lock him up. I really like what he's done so far, and the attitude he has instilled in Vikingsland. After two years and a third off-season, I already have him as the third best HC we have ever had. If he keeps it up, he'll eventually pass up the late Dennis Green. Body of work doesn't compare yet, but it's a great start.

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