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  1. Vikes tear our hearts apart again

    Fuck my life
    El underdog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Vikingo View Post
    Fuck my life
    Unreal. Just ...

  3. You knew it was the perfect set up for another Vikings choke job. Oh well. It was mostly an enjoyable season.

  4. Peterson fumbles AGAIN, and Walsh misses a short field goal AGAIN. Seahawks win 10-9

  5. should have known better.. It's what they do best, let their fans down.. They have been doing it since the day they came into the league..

  6. Go figure now Seattle wins SB ...
    I am sick to my stomach
    El underdog.

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    That was a ridiculous 4th quarter. Just un fucking real.

    I knew that busted play by Seattle lost the game right there. Their mistake won them the game.

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    as the game unfolded i just knew it was going to end in a very painful fashion... they always do... we suck
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    It's been a while - but this place is like an old bar that you can always go back to.

    This was so devastating. We had a great year: 11-5, division title, lots of things to be positive about, but this was brutal. I just hope the team can overcome it from a mental standpoint going forward.

  10. Welcome to the club. Been a fan since 1972. When you get smacked in the get a bruise. I have many bruises. The bruises are purple. I walked out of the room when Walsh lined up for a chip shot FG. My wife got pissed. I said THIS IS THE CHANCE TO BREAK A LONG STANDING CURSE. Win a game in the final seconds in the playoffs. ..bad snap..bad hold.. or wide kick. I went to my knees in my hallway and closed my eyes. THE CURSE CONTINUES. I'll be 62 in October. The sand in the hour glass is rapidly disappearing. I especially feel for the fans in the stands. Met a guy on a cruise 5 yrs ago who was at the Hail Mary game in 1975. Boy did we get shitfaced at poolside. God help us Viking fans. Also been a Giant fan since 1971. Far better luck with those guys. May be at the new Vikes stadium next year. Bucket trip. Wore my Helga Hat to Tampa, Miami, Kansas City, Houston. I was not greeted very well. Looking forward to next year. I like Zimmer. Nice to see Bud Grant as well. SKOL VIKES. Grew up in New York. Big Tarkenton fan with the Giants. When he went back.. been a fan ever since.

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