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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mac D View Post
    I really think the game will come down to QB play, and I just don't have faith in Bridgewater to rise to the occasion . Look for Seahawks to have a significant lead in the 3rd quarter, then Lynch will put the nail in the coffin in the 4th. It's not going to be pretty.
    Lynch is not playing this weekend. Also most "experts" gave us no chance to beat the Packers. Any given Sunday.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RK. View Post
    Lynch is not playing this weekend. Also most "experts" gave us no chance to beat the Packers. Any given Sunday.
    What experts? I saw about a 50/50 split on picks on if we would beat the Packers. I know that on CBS and Fox in the morning the picks were 50/50 and across the Web I saw a decent amount of people picking the Vikings.

    There are certainly far less people picking them in this game.

    Obviously, any given Sunday applies to every game. But there are plenty reasons to not be all that hopeful about tomorrow.

    I do think that Lynch out and the extreme cold plays to our advantage a bit. But I don't see how we effectively move the ball against that defense.

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    The Pack was favored by 3 pts in our game with them. It seemed to me more people were picking the pack at home against us. I didn't take a head count just an impression.


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    I'll be very curious to see how much Joseph plays and how effective he'll be. The defense did a great job keeping Rogers in the pocket and need to do the same today. I'd think that having an effective Joseph in the middle would help the ends do that.

    As far as the offense...being realistic...we need good Teddy. Good Teddy extends plays, allows his intermediate receivers to get open, and moves the chains. Doing that and running the ball reasonably well, I think we have a chance.

  5. They should have thrown on 1st down on the last series at the goal line. Peterson can't get up the field, and 1st down was our best chance.

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    F U C K M E


  8. Flashbacks of the past ,this is just insane
    El underdog.

  9. Really? This team is the fucking poster child for choke. Munnerlan trying to be a fucking hero on that batched snap and should have just tackled Wilson, instead he makes a big play to set up a TD. Then AD does what he does best, puts the fucking ball on the turf, Sendejo has a gift interception right in his hands, he drops it. Then Walsh misses a game winning PLAYOFF FG..

    It's no wonder why this team gets bashed around the NFL, it's no wonder everyone talks shit about the Vikings. This team has been letting fans down since their existence. They have choked in 4 Super Bowls despite having the best defense of that generation. They continue to let us down.. What good is a fucking rushing title when you always put the ball on the ground in important games. Fuck you Adrian.

    If you can't do your fucking job, then get the fuck off this team. Walsh missed how many extra points this year? He makes all his other attempts but misses the game winning kick in the playoffs. Sounds like he can't handle pressure, get the fuck off this team..

    No matter what the players name is, no matter what the coaches name is, no matter what stadium they play in, or what uniforms they wear, they remain the chokers of the NFL. I am sick and fucking tired of being let down by this team..

    Fuck, this game and this team make me sick to my stomach.. Now have to go how many fucking months with this shit? Done with this shit..

  10. I'm a long time follower to this forum and I don't really post, but I must agree. That was a big come back turned into a failed attempt to winning a big game. Highly disappointed.

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