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  1. I think this is a dose of reality and our 8 and 3 record is flattering. We need to
    keep working and we will get better.

  2. Another OPI call and a block in the back against us that were horrible calls. This is a joke.

  3. You seriously are blaming refs for this loss?
    El underdog.

  4. The vikes played like shit,the hell with excuses

  5. cant blame reality everytime they have to prove themselves.....

  6. the vikes are lucky if they finish 9-7 with their other win this season being against da bears.....

  7. We were not competitive on the defensive side of the ball without Joseph, Barr and Harrison. Our O Line play continues to be horrific. Too many key players out for us in this one. The refs were extremely bad today. What a joke. I don't blame the refs for the loss but they sure killed some drives for us and kept some going for the other guys.
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    Total system failure on both sides of the ball.
    Our vaunted defense looked like a bunch of clowns
    Not sure teddy is the answer, he sucked. Very Ponderesque
    My fandom has been really tested
    I've been a Viking fan since I was just out of diapers, hopefully we get Super Bowl win before I go back in 'em

  9. Norv is who we thought he was....garbage

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    AD 8 caries for 18 yards. Nuff said.


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