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  1. I know, we won the game......but have to question the officials

    It was nice to bounce back from last week’s debacle. Even nicer that it was against an NFC North opponent.

    I was curious if anyone else felt like we got hosed on the last Lions touchdown. With 2:25 to play, it was 4th and 7 yards to go. Stafford passed to Lance Moore. Newman made the tackle and the line judge appeared to be spotting the ball short of a first down. However, the referee grabbed the ball, awarded the first down and let the Lions snap off a play before they ever measured the 4th down play.

    Was I the only person screaming at his TV? Fortunately, It was too little, too late…. But that could have been a huge officiating gaff!
    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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    I was sure he was short on that play and sat stunned as they ran a hurry up play. They took a long time on the next spot and I am sure that is what the topic of their discussion was. Yes it was to little to late for Detroit but still pisses me off.

    Well we are at it, the SF game NO Call PI in the end zone could have swung the momentum and made a difference.
    What a painful game to watch. The last game that was that bad was TJack at GB playoffs or maybe that Freemen at NY game. Wish I could forget!
    Go ahead back up your to close away.

  3. We should have thrown a challenge flag on another spot in the first half. It was the possession after they challenged the spot and won. The running back was down and twisted forward. He was a half yard short. I was pissed at our coaches for not being on top of the replay.

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    Yep, that was Zimmer's fault for not throwing the challenge flag for a spot. Even if it fails, you lose an inconsequential timeout and give your defense a rest. I'm sure there was a good reason for him missing that, but it was disheartening to see at that point, when possession of the ball is in question.



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