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    Adrian "not in a good place" with the Vikings

    Interesting article here from ESPN

    Peterson said the reason he earlier claimed "of course" he wants to come back to the Vikings was for his teammates, not the organization. His wife also wants him to start fresh somewhere else and he's weighing that in his mind.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


  2. This kind of crap can only happen to Vikings fans ! I swear.

  3. Not in a good place, grow up and stop with the baby man antics.

    The grass is going to look greener on the other side of the fence. They are all going to court you and make you feel special. The Vikings did stand by you by paying you a salary. The Vikings didn't know that the NFL was going to FUCK them too. Stop acting like the only victim, every Viking fan and the Vikings are in the same boat, the fucking LOVE BOAT. Gopher's Day starring Bill Murray's brother.

    He is talking about emotion and business. What is AP thinking like, an emotional little bitch. Start thinking business minded AP, honor your contract. Stop making it difficult for the Vikings to plan for the upcoming season. Stop talking and start getting your head on straight. This isn't hate from me, it is tough love. You are either going to grow a pair or let those things get sucked up in your vaginal orifice.

    This is the shit I was talking about in the other thread. He doesn't sound grateful at all.

    If he would have owned up to being wrong in the first place instead of taking his high road, he may not have taken the course he did with the fans, NFL and the sponsors. Probably wouldn't have helped that much but it would have been a better option. It is what they do in politics. Admit, ask God for forgiveness and move on, people forget.

  4. That sucks. I sure hope he comes back. I still want Adrian in purple.

  5. If he leaves, I hope the Vikes don't pull a Twins/Twolves deal and bring him back for one more year after the wheels have fallen off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tad7 View Post
    His wife also wants him to start fresh somewhere else and he's weighing that in his mind.
    Women, amiright?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by C Mac D View Post
    Women, amiright?
    Amen, brotha!!

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by tarkenton10 View Post
    Amen, brotha!!
    June never made Ward switch jobs for beating Wally and the Beav

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    Maybe should have been thinking about "his brand" when he was switching that youngin' on his nutsack. Peterson got what was coming to him given the climate the NFL was in. He should man up and take responsibility and move on. This whole thing is starting to wear thin for me. Dude has about three good years left in him and he should be grateful we don't ship him out. If I was GM and could get fair compensation, I'd get rid of him. RBs aren't that difficult to replace and they aren't as critical to an offense as they once were. I'm fine with him coming back, but for sweet Jerry Crist, stop the whining.

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    Start Fresh???? What like some other town isn't going to know that he switched his kid?? What BS. I think this crap goes out just to see what kind of offers come in. Follow the money......


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