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    Lance Moore - Possible Fit at WR for the Vikings?

    I'd like to ask your opinion of Lance Moore as a possible addition to the Vikings WR corps. Moore is 30+ years old, but he seems to have good character and some skills. Might he fit in a Norv Turner offense with Bridgewater as QB? Comments, anyone?

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    I like Lance Moore alot.

    I have no problem with adding a solid vet with this corps. I would love to go into camp with about 8 guys with a legit fighting shot for the 5-6 positions. I think we should come out ahead there. A signing like Moore or another aged vet and then a splash with either one of the FAs (Cobb, Smith, etc.) or the top draft pick (Cooper, White, Parker) would be a nice addition to Jennings, Johnson, Patterson, Wright and Thielen. That would make at least two or three guys really earn their money.


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