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    My Son-in-Law became a Vikings fan (switched from a Deadskin fan) before entry into my family.

    Just saying.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    This commercial makes a little sense to me because my family was similar.

    We were all die hard St. Louis Cardinals fans (myself and my two younger brothers all born in the Lou). But when they moved to Arizona (Fuck Bill Bidwell) we had to latch on elsewhere. One brother chose the Bengals out of a hat and is die hard to this day. One brother played spin the tail with football helmet wallpaper and ended up a die hard Cowboys fan (should have made him spin again). And I chose the Vikings because I had an electric football game of Vikes vs. Bears ... and, well, fuck the Bears.

    I guess the NFL could not use this as advertising though:
    "We used to be a Cardinals family. But then those greedy fucks up and left town, just like the Rams, Jaguars and Bills might do shortly, because frankly they don't give a shit about anything but money.
    So, that is how we became a Vikings, Bengals, Cowboys family with parents who don't give a shit about football anymore! Now buy our jerseys!"

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