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    Any PP.Oers need a couple of free tickets to the game?

    Cold temperatures and a losing record have made Vikings tickets worth about as much as a pile of glotny's. I couldn't even get a lousy $6 on StubHub for my Panthers tickets last week.

    Despite "balmy" temperatures this weekend, Jets tickets are even less in demand than last week's. So much so, I bought lower level sideline tickets in the 10th row around the 10 yard line for $32. Since I stand zero chance of selling my high upper deck corner nosebleeds, might as well offer them up here free to any PP.Oer. Two side-by-side tickets in Section 245, Row 32. These are the metal bleachers, and I didn't rent the seatbacks. Hey, it ain't much but it will get you in the gate, and I suspect you'll be able to find plenty of empty seats in a better location.

    Post here if you want them (I've offered them to TNT but haven't heard back from her, and reserve the right to pick and choose from anyone that posts wanting the tickets...state your case if you think you need to). I'll need your email address to email the "e-tickets" to you. Worst case is I print them at my hotel and bring them to the tailgate.

    C'mon, if lack of a few bucks for a ticket is all that's keeping you from coming out this week, snatch these up and join us at the tailgate!

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    Damn the Atlantic Ocean
    Purple till i die

  3. If I was closer. Good game!


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