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    Peterson suspended for the rest of the season

    from Jason La Canfora @JasonLaCanfora on Twitter:

    NFL announced Adrian Peterson is suspended without pay for at least the remainder of the 2014 season. Expect an appeal

    Peterson has 3 days to appeal and get an expedited hearing. If he does NFL says he remains on Exempt List w/pay pending decision

    In his letter to Peterson, Commissioner Goodell wrote if the player adheres to all counseling, etc, earliest reinstatement is April 15

    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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    You beat me to it by 2 minutes. I'll delete mine.

    Qui tacet, consentit.

  3. I'm not surprised. If his appeal is denied he will be cut before the season is over

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    I guess none of us will be shocked, but still a sad day for me. AD was caught up in a perfect storm (most of it his own doing).

    Qui tacet, consentit.

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    I just heard them read Goodell's statement on the radio and it sounds like Peterson's lack of remorse played a big factor.

    And I have to agree there wasn't much remorse. I was accepting his ignorance of the fact he went too far, because I really believe that's how he was raised and what not, but I still haven't seen any indications that he "gets it".

    I still thought he deserved to be back on the field ASAP because this isn't a babysitting job. But oh well, I'd be more mad if the Vikings were a potential playoff team.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


  6. I got better things to do in life and since the Vikings are not going anywhere this season it doesnt matter..But i really hope the NFL gets their clocks cleaned for this..

    How is a DUI treated so much more leniently than this? In my opinion that is far worse to put other lives at risk than what he did.

    What a sham

  7. The NFL is such a joke..

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    Well, that's that then. We move on to Vikings AAD (After All Day). We were wasting him anyway and he's probably glad to be on his way to Dallas with a whole year to heal up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VikingMike View Post
    I guess none of us will be shocked, but still a sad day for me. AD was caught up in a perfect storm (most of it his own doing).
    Adolph Godell has spoken.. The dictator has made his decision. The same man that suspended a guy for two games that knocked his wife out and dragged her out of an elevator and then lied about what he really knew of the incident told to him by Rice. 6 game suspension for a guy that does the same exact thing as a large percentage of black folk down south. A place where teachers still whack kids in school to make them mind. Heil Godell.....

  10. The NFL screwed up. They used the illegally leaked information from the grand jury. In the future expect to see anything and everything used to discipline players. The NFL no longer considers what goes on in the courtroom the standard for punishing players. It now considers public opinion the operating force.
    In the last 15 years, Tampa Bay as more playoff wins than the Dallas Cowboys.

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