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    The OFFICIAL Vikes vs. Redskins Tailgate Thread

    Come and join us for some fun tailgating before the game. As always, we will be in Lot 37, in the shadow of The Bank!

    Burns Boys


  2. Snow A.K.A. SIA I am going to try and make it. I will be in town for the game. It depends on what my brother has going on, he is my ride.

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    Burns Boys
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    Minnesota Vikings : Simply the best

  4. Any suggestions on where to park?

  5. I hope my question above isn't the same as who is buried in grants tomb?

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    I'll be there, bringing my parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowinapril View Post
    Any suggestions on where to park?
    You can park in lot 37, but it cost $40.

    You can park at the state fair grounds for $20 and take a free shuttle.

    Or take the light rail, green line(although they drop you off at the other side of the stadium, so it's a bit of a walk)


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