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    My New National Football League

    So I am starting a new league.. Might as well, they've wrecked this one. In my league there are no whimpy field goal kickers or long haired attention whore punters. No kick offs.. who needs em , they already destroyed that part of the game. No punts. The game starts with a coin toss and the ball of the winner of that toss starting at their 35 yard line. The offense has 4 down to get 10 yards and a first down. Moving the ball is premium to set up field position unlike a wimpy punt where rarely is there alot of action there anymore anyway, not to mention a penalty on nearly every freaking punt. If you do not get a first down in your four downs then the ball goes over to the other offense at that position.. Only td's baby and think of the extra excitement of having four offensive downs instead of the boring punt game. Think of getting the ball after a defensive stop deep in your own territory and now it's up to your offense to move that ball from lets say the 3 yard line and get some field position or take it the distance and score a td... Touchdown is 6 points and 2 point conversions.. Rosters could be deeper not having to carry punters, kickers, and special teamers. What a great game it would be with excitement like never seen in the NFL... Oh ya and topless thong toting cheerleaders...

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    The Vikings may have a chance in this league ... Nah probably not.. They'd fuk that up too...

  3. All your missing is the kickoff scramble and you've got XFL2

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    I think the all steroid NFL would also be good. Get rid of all the drug testing. Who really cares if someone is smoking a little pot after the game. After all most of the fans are. LOL


  5. Why just make a touch down one point and get rid of the extra point.


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    How about getting rid of the personal foul penalties? The players have pads and helmets on! Bring back "Jacked Up" on ESPN! Can you imagine the hitting that would happen with today's players if that were the case?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RK. View Post
    I think the all steroid NFL would also be good. Get rid of all the drug testing. Who really cares if someone is smoking a little pot after the game. After all most of the fans are. LOL
    I'd like to see the players blaze up during the game, now that would be entertainment. The sidelines would look like a California wild fire and many a plays would be going the wrong way. Also, with the roids, fist fights o'plenty.

    One more thing... any current player in prison gets out every game day and guard towers would be installed at all stadiums.
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    Why give them three downs to get 10 yards? Canada only gives you two! Are you saying players in your league aren't as good as CFL players?

    Better yet, make it so you have to get at least 10 yards on every play. Start the game with the ball on the 50 instead of the 35, with the ball turned over immediately if you don't make a first down on every play.

    For that matter, why the hell do we need any offensive lineman other than the center? No one pays any attention to them anyway. As long as you have the same number of players on the field for offense and defense, it doesn't matter whether a defender chooses to rush the passer, cover a receiver, or try and tackle a runner.

  9. No refs. Let the players officiate themselves.

  10. Steroids and brass knuckles are a must

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