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    Quote Originally Posted by EricTheViking View Post
    WTF??? I just stated how I never had to type in a captcha, never ever. And just now, for my above comment, I had to. And they are hard to read. It took me three times to get it right. Ugh. What a weird coincidence.
    See! It's contagious and yes several times the letters were very hard to decipher & it had to be done multiple times.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    I think when the website got an upgrade, a lot of users got pretty confused I think. Skol!


  3. Its mostly priority. When PPO was in the heyday so to speak, the Vikings were fielding good teams and winning football games. How excited is anyone to come to any forum and comment on how much the QB stinks when there are already 500 threads saying the same thing? And there are not too many polarizing players on the team. AP and Allen were the only notables and compared to Moss, Randle, and CC its not even close, as in being thread worthy. I remember some knock-down drag outs over Randy with fans from other teams, mainly GB. And also having more opposing fans here on the site made for more interesting conversations. So, soon as Teddy Two Gloves turns the ship around, the folks will return.

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    Boils down to the Vikings not being a contender for a long time except for the lightning in a bottle year 2009. And that ended very badly. The Vikings are simply a subpar team and organization at this point. Nothing to get people excited about. The dudes here are the real hardcore fans, which is fine with me.

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    1. Vikings suck
    2. No Maddro
    3. Vikings suck
    I've been a Viking fan since I was just out of diapers, hopefully we get Super Bowl win before I go back in 'em

  6. I believe it has more to do with how the team is doing than anything else. I know when they lose I really don't want to talk to many people. Plus, sometimes people just get bored with a board. After a while you get the same people posting the same crap all the time and it gets boring. That's why I belong to 3 Viking, 3 Packer and 1 Bear forum. I can get different crap about my team from 7 different sources.
    In the last 15 years, Tampa Bay as more playoff wins than the Dallas Cowboys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    The discouraging thin here, besides Erik doing much less posting than he should & too much lurking ) is that many times when I tried to post, I'd get taken to another page which would require me to "type in the letters shown".

    First time back in forever and on a one word reply that took 2 seconds

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  8. I get the point on how winning feels good and when you have a good team folks are more likely to come around but, the Vikings Message Board is swarming with people. Their Vikings - Lions gameday thread has over 400 replies. But, having said that, and echoing a point I made in the original post, that is far too many for me to even begin to wade through.
    Despite my original concern I have to say there are just enough people hanging around here to keep it interesting without being too crowded. So, all in all, things are still pretty good.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Minniman View Post
    Zeus is Syd Davy?
    lol not even close....but webby is Bono and bono is webby

  10. that captcha thing is very annoying and getting logged out for inactivity is a pain as well. Just not very user friendly.

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