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    Honestly Asking? The current state of the PPO.

    What has happened to this once very vibrant community of members?

    Is it a reflection of the current success of the team or is there something more localized that has dramatically reduced the activity here?

    Have seen a number of familiar faces around the last couple of days and happily most just as memory served. But the number is far less than what once was.

    We have seen a pretty noticeable decrease at a couple of the Packer forums as well.. could it be that other mediums of social media are leading the the decline of these once lively sports forums?

    Curious to your thoughts.. just seems very quiet in here.
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    Yeah, I've brought this up on the boards before. Think the advent of social media has sort of led to the decline of forum sites overall... but add to it that the Vikes haven't been relevant since 2009, and you have the current state of PPO.

    Been a pretty good showing around here lately though. Definitely more activity than there was last season.
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  3. From looking at some of the threads it looks like everything slowed down and members disappeared around 2009-2011.

    Im curious to know if some unknown villagers in South America finally ate Prophet
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    Yes, those 2 major media, specifically at least 2 FB pages I know of, and the Vikings lousy past 4 seasons.

    I recently returned to PPo after a few years...happy to see some familiar names, including our favorite Packer fan. But there are some who are not here that added so much to the vibrant atmosphere of the site, with football and even more so with funny and entertaining threads. BLV has done a nice job dredging up some of those classic threads.

    Personally, I deactivated FB...too much useless BS there for me. And I'm glad you're back too Conor. What would this site be without C Mac D? BTW, that's rhetorical.

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    Negativity has killed PP.O IMHO. No whining about it, I'm still here. Attribute it to the performance by our Vikings, I get that… We are fans, not in control. We have opinions, most, are negative…which, admittedly, pisses me the fuck off. I am not a "purple glazed outlooker," rather, I'm a fan since I can remember (1967) and have zero apologies for my fandom.

    I must say that I am conflicted by the conviction of the PP.O members.

    Thank you to Webby and Shock (whom I've not yet met) for trying to keep this alive. I'm certainly not the greatest contributor to this site, but, I visit an embarrassingly frequent amount of times 24/7…no shit. And, I've not missed a Vikings game in the last 22 years…no matter where I am. To put this in perspective, that includes…Italy, Scotland, Wales, Britain, Austria, and at least 20 states in the US. I'm growing weary of the whining, criticism (some, well deserved), and the lack of passion for our team.

    So, Go Vikings, or, go fucking home.


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    There are a lot of fair weather fans. This site started to pick up with the new coaching staff and a good draft. Now that AP is gone as well as our starting QB and other injuries we are staring at another losing season. Soooooo............ it looks like a slow forum unless something big happens like Farve coming back LOL. There are only so many ways to say "we suck again". Personally I like being in the chat on game day if I can and playing the football pool. Might have to perk up the "cheer up vikings fans" thread. Looking at scantily clad women is always a pick me up. LOL


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    This has been tough season and the face of the franchise has really messed up to say the least.....and then the injuries have been the latest shit storm....but I do have hope that this is a young team with some strong potential with the aging cap heavy veterans gone....jut hoping for stability with the coaching staff and development and growth with Bridgewater

  8. People are so absorbed in their instant gratification of Facebook and Twitter that they don't have the time to follow a thread let alone the time and energy to read. That is the main reason, it also attribute to a lack of new opinions to keep things fresh. We are left with the old school guys that have the same opinions they had 10 years ago. Go to the Peterson reinstated thread and you will see.

    There were some other attributing factors as well. I really think that the site change a few years back now was tough to deal with, no offense Webby. The user interface ability was different and I don't think people picked up on it (without site stats can't say if this is true). I like this format that we have today much better.

    When we start winning again, we will have to see how it is around here.

  9. I think it's all my fault. Active posters have declined steadily since I first joined back in 2010.

    Seriously, I do the the other social media have contributed a lot to the decline of more traditional forums such as ours. It's symptomatic of the major societal issue we face that has been brought on by the age of information. Things have become so much faster paced, and information so much more easily accessed, it has led to a general overall expectation of instant gratification. Patience is a dying virtue. Kids nowadays have grown up never knowing what it was like to have to wait for anything.

    That at least accounts for the younger crowd, but we've lost a lot of old-timers as well. Some may still be lurking but not actively posting, others have lost access, either temporarily or permanently. Some, like myself, may just not post as frequently as others.

    I do miss them, even the contentious ones. I miss Caine and his running arguments with Marrdro and Singer. I miss the other gracious Packer fan, Rockmolder. I miss the ladies, Countrygirl, and Freya and a few others. At least TNT has been around some lately. SoCal, IBP, and the guys already mentioned like Prophet. I wish they were all still here posting, at least once in a while.

    We'll just have to manage as best as we can without them, I guess.

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  10. Snow.. I guess I am old school.. I would rather surf a message board, find a topic of interest and read opinions about it. Twitter's only real appeal is the broad platform it is built upon.. you can connect with different entities and gather opinions on trending topics. I guess it serves as a media driver.. but the randomness of it on a general level.. non appealing. But again.. probably old school bleeding through.

    But I concur.. the biggest draw for me to come here was the characters that reside here, for some, now in absenteeism. I enjoyed the content, don't get me wrong, but conversing with the members is the draw.

    Thanks for sharing some of the thoughts on the current state.. still has a quality base of contributors, just slightly less vast.
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