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  1. Simpson will be gone.

    Ben Goessling of reports that Simpson, suspended after being arrested for DUI last year, has a court date on November 3 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Simpson was cited, but not arrested, on misdemeanor charges of violating a limited license, marijuana possession and open bottle after being pulled over in a traffic stop on July 7.
    In the last 15 years, Tampa Bay as more playoff wins than the Dallas Cowboys.

  2. Didnt the Vikes know about this before the contract? Simpson was my favorite, and I think the best WR on the team (i have such a hard time giving former packers any credit). CP, awesome athlete, still working on routes and separation. The Vikings are a train wreck.

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    What or who is next? Can we just take a year or a decade off?

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    Yup, he's officially gone.

    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


  5. Quote Originally Posted by Tad7 View Post
    Yup, he's officially gone.

    Can't fix stupid..

  6. I was hoping for Simpson to carry out the promise he showed in Cincy. Besides the spectacular td catch, he made a ton of sweet catches for the Bengals. He has disappointed fans in purple and his actions has harmed his NFL career.

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    Have the Seahawks signed him yet, he's not officially gone until he lands at Sea Tac

  8. Simpson! What are ya thinking? You need help, please get some!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tad7 View Post
    Yup, he's officially gone.

    The Vikings officially released Simpson without termination pay.

    Simpson decided not to tell the Vikings about the traffic stop?

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    Does that mean the Vikings have to go with Jarius "Two Wrongs Don't Make A" Wright?

    That is not good.

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