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    Phil Mackey ESPN 1500 post on situation

    I thought this was a very reasonable approach...some very good points.

    "Even knowing that, I can still watch and enjoy football on the surface -- just like I enjoy movies and TV shows. The drama is great, the entertainment is worthwhile regardless of whether Ray Rice is a jackass. If all I care about is the entertainment value of a football game, why should it matter to me if Peterson plays or doesn't play the rest of the season? Why not just watch the NFL for what it is -- a relatively meaningless (in the grand scheme) game? Why put stock into the NFL's moral compass? If the NFL is basically a 3-hour live movie, why put stock what message the NFL may or may not be sending to the millions of people who watch every week? It's only entertainment, right?

    Here's why I care: Because important progress in society is driven by influential people and entities with large platforms. The NFL -- for better or worse -- is full of influential people. It is a large entity with large platforms. "

  2. Yes, their popularity is what makes them relevant. But they will never get it right no matter their intentions, because the people making these demands (fans) don't know what they want.

    I do trust they will do everything they can to keep the money flowing.


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