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    Welcome former members, which has been in existence since at least 2005, has shuttered its virtual doors for good.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


  2. Yes, I've just come from there. I'm a bit shocked, but I get it. I can't believe it made it to CBS and ESPN and such...

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    Yup, I completely understand why it was shut down and I can respect that actually.

    But most of the members are going to want to go somewhere, so hopefully it's here and we can get this place as active as it once was.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


  4. Well, VMB was VERY active. I imagine you're right about them coming over here. I'm most upset about losing contact with my "friends" with no warning, so I hope they find their way here, too!

  5. I'm from there too.

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    We certainly have had the same gut reaction as they had, but I think we've all weathered a lot as Vikings fans, and we need somewhere to vent, work through it together, and ultimately decide where our lines are.

    I am simply confused and disgusted by the whole thing, but the reality here is so many people are in no win positions I am glad we are just some fans on a message board.

    Welcome to those that join.

  7. I was a member there for years. It's to unfortunate but it does not surprise me. Actually the discussion on Peterson was, I thought, going pretty well. No one was really advocating that he didn't go to far. At least not what I saw. Most felt it should work it's way through the system. But maybe with this so called new allegation it was just to much for them to handle.
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  8. Welcome aboard to the new members. I'm a lifelong fan, always have been, always will be. The news that's come out has saddened me and I'm sure gives us pause to realize that nfl players are not heroes, they are people and will fail us, as people do. I'm not going to debate this topic anymore than I Already have and my love for the team will not waiver.

  9. Same here that's up to the courts and the NFL
    to decide I'm staying out of it.

  10. I happen to feel that this was a serious overreaction, but I don't really know what went on there. If the decision to close was truly based on the team's decision to reinstate Peterson until the legal process plays itself out, then I must disagree with this choice. My own thoughts on this are visible in several threads here, so I don't need to go into detail. Suffice it to say, "innocent until proven guilty."

    In any case, I, and I'm sure all of the rest of the regulars here, will try to make the former board members who find their way here, welcome. We are always happy to gain new insights and voices. I hope you will all join us in supporting the TEAM we all love, the Minnesota Vikings.
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