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Thread: Go Vikings!

  1. Go Vikings!

    Ready for the Patriots!

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    Sehr gut wasser junge.

    The Patriots are better than the Rams, and this game should be a more difficult test.

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    Skol Vikings! It's game day brothers. Let's go out there and get this W!


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    We're gonna be driving through Mankato at kickoff. Where is the best place to watch Vikings games in Mankato?

  5. Wow, this team had us fooled. Looking back, it's easy to beat a bad team like the Rams who are playing their 2nd and 3rd string QBs. Now they play a real QB, and they get their asses handed to them. I'm starting to think that it's not the system, or the coach, it's the players on this team. Favre made this team look great, he made Rice look great. Jackson before him sucked, Ponder after him sucked, not Cassel is starting to go down that road. Rice sucked before Favre, and now he is out of the league.

    My point here is that the players on this team are always out of position, our defenders (Rhodes) specifically never play the ball which is why he gets flagged all the time. It's not the coach, and it's not the system, it's the players on the team. You can only do so much with what you have, and without Peterson and without a legit QB, not even a coach like Zimmer can do much. I was blinded for one week with that blowout of the Rams, now I am back down to reality and expecting many more games like this one this season.

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    I'm bothered by the mentality of the whole organization, and yah, they had me fooled. As I said in another forum, Zimmer and Co knew trouble was brewing because Peterson had no clue as to what limits are when it comes to disciplining a CHILD. They continued to game plan around Peterson. If the mentality had changed, really changed, Peterson would have been sat down from day 1. Terrible game-planning. At first, I was screaming because they left that dipshit, Cassel, in the game. Then as I thought about it, there was no plan or even a set of running plays in place to help out Teddy, if and when he got put in. I guess Zimmer is a genius after all.
    Tuco the world.....


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