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    If Bridgewater and his agent would have done this, he would have been pissed off that the Vikings passed him up early.

    I would call this smart luck. I hope it was as lucky as the Packers picking up Aaron Rodgers after the Vikings passed on him ... twice.

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    I highly doubt there was any communication from a birdy that said... "Tank the pro day.. and i'll make you a star".

    Teddy wanted to prove to the skeptics that he could throw without the gloves & he failed at the attempt. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I can't believe anyone would buy into this conspiracy theory at all.

    1. No athlete wants their stock to fall & make less money.
    2. Any team drafting him high would want to make him a star.
    3. Most importantly, he was there at number 9 when we picked & we didn't select him & passed right over him.
    4. After we passed over him at 9, there was no guarantee another team wouldn't draft him.
    5. There was also no guarantee that Spielman would be able to pull off a trade & find a willing partner for that trade to move back up in the 1st to draft him.
    6. Do people believe all teams, with the exception of the Vikings, put all their stock into what happens during the combine or pro day & draft solely based on that?

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    oh come on, who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory ? i'd like to believe that there was a conspiracy just because it's more fun. reality is kind of boring.

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    singer u are as always the voice of reason..

    but, lets say someone mentioned to him that
    1. prove you can throw without the glove.. (knowing that it could cause issues)
    2. team do put in a large base of their pre draft listing on pro days. hence they all showup. .
    3. i'm sure slick rick had an idea of how he could make some trades..
    4. remember.. Zim also wanted Barr.. now.. for the whole thing to work.. the conspiracy would be..
    Zim gets his man, Norv gets his. as knowing teddy's stock would fall i'm sure they had ideas on possibly even trading up higher.. he fell where we could get him for the least value traded.

    as far as it goes. i do think something went on the background.. to many news feeds, and anal-itists.. put over stock into the fact that teddy looked horrid on his pro day.

    course.. it also gives logic on why norv would have a personal pro day later with him. maybe to verify the deal, or verify his view on the kid and prove to the rest that he can be what norv thinks he can be.


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    I'm with Singer on this one... weakest conspiracy theory ever
    I'm bloviating douchebag and Ricky is a great GM

  6. Never attribute to deliberate conspiracy what can be more easily explained by sheer dumb luck.

    With the amount of scrutiny every player, coach and team is under these days, I'm sure that nobody could get away with something like that without a leak somewhere. It's just too hard to keep things quiet. What's the old saying, "Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead."

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    Yeah I agree with singer on this as well, but the most obvious point he makes is number 1. No athlete wants their stock to fall, thus making less money.

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