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  1. Lets be REAL! The Vikings Will Select Bridgewater

    I can't believe that people are suddenly jumping off the Teddy Bridgewater bandwagon because of a poor workout, and his "Shy" personality. Teddy Bridgewater was scouted as the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck. ANDREW FREAKING LUCK. Bridgewater is BIGGER than RG3, and more pro ready coming out of college. Bridgewater has all the skills we are looking for in a franchise QB. He first of all can READ THE FIELD!! Something our last 6 QBs couldn't do. Bridgewater also has GOOD feet, and an above average arm with accuracy. Maybe this is all smokescreens, but if Bridgewater somehow someway makes it to 8. NO WAY in HELL do we pass on him. I think Spielman moonwalks at eden pairie, and Bridgewater starts Day 1 vs the Rams. I mean 5-6 months ago everyone had Bridgewater going #1 over CLOWNEY.. in 2013 he was the hottest QB prospect.. now he is slipping into the 2nd round? Hell outta here.. watch the tape people.. The vikings are going to get a steal at QB.. and FINALLY WE WILL HAVE A FRANCHISE QB!!

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    I think the skepticism comes from a few things.

    a) Small hands. Remember our last small-handed QB? Culpepper couldn't play outdoors or in the cold very well. In adverse conditions, bigger hands are best. He has to wear a glove to get a grip on the ball oudoors.

    b) He considers Kentucky to be cold. I'd hate to see him outdoors at TCF in December if Louisville was too cold for him.

    c) Poor showing at pro days. Pro day isn't really a good indication of whether a player will be good or not. Some guys with great Pro days become huge busts (Jamarcus Russell and soon to be Manziel)

    Ultimately, if he's there, I wouldn't be against taking him, but If Khalil Mack is there at 8, that's a no brainer in my opinion. Take Mettenberger or McCarron later on.

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    I would have no problem with Bridgewater, Bortles or Manziel honestly. It addresses the position. If it is a bust ... that is how it goes, but it needs addressed. If it busts, it needs addressed again in 3 years. Until it is fixed.

    I am good with any of the three QBs, Mack, Watkins, Barr or Clowney ... so I think we are going to be in decent shape. I just hope we don't reach for someone like Carr, Mosely or Gilbert at No. 8 without trading back.

  4. I'm big on Manziel you're big on Bridgewater. It's all a big roll of the dice really. You just don't know who will really pan out and who won't till they get here do you. Bridgewater's hands are small and I think his throwing motion looks a little .....weird but then so is Phillip Rivers so. If Mack was there at 8 you gotta take him right ? Somehow I doubt he will be though. I'm not against Manziel or Bridgewater either one. My roll of the dice would be for Johnny football though.

  5. NFC Executive: Teddy Bridgewater is a "Fourth-Round Guy" NFL Draft Rumor Mill

    Over the final months leading up to the 2014 NFL Draft, there have been a lot of reports of Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater falling lower than expected on draft day. They've become more commonplace with each passing week.

    This isn't news to teams though. They've told us that the national media is simply catching up, and that it has overrated Bridgewater during his collegiate career and throughout the draft process.

    We've reached out to many teams about Bridgewater, and all have been down on him. Perhaps the most glaring response we've heard came from an executive with an NFC playoff team that has no need for a starting quarterback. They have their franchise signal-caller, but they could use a reserve, so we asked this executive his thoughts on some quarterbacks, including Bridgewater.

    The NFC executive said that he thought Bridgewater was a "fourth-round guy" and will fall out of the first round. He said that there isn't anything exceptional about Bridgewater's skill set, as he doesn't have an elite arm, size or mobility. Because of that, he felt that Bridgewater is a fourth-round talent.
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    As with all these QBs, you either believe the talk or you don't. I've said before what bothers me about teddy is the college defensive players saying you can rattle him, and when you do, he makes big mistakes. That was on one of the NFL type shows on either the Network or ESPN, but no one argued with the player. The Vikings have had enough of those types of QBs... but if Turner and Zimmer think its's BS, then lets get him by all means.

    The ONLY thing I'll be upset about at 8 is if we pick someone that really should have been taken later, except a QB. QBs you just can't wait on, due to the unpredictability of how teams draft them. But if all the studs that deserve to be picked are gone by 8 and we do not go QB, I hope to GOD we trade back.
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  7. Gruden says Manziel first Bridgewater will be an nfl quarterback eventually.

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    One other thing... don't take too much stock in what ANYONE says about the draft at this point. I think most teams tentatively know what they want to do, and now there is a LOT of subterfuge going on to muddy the waters.

    Caught in the draft is playing at the moment on the NFL Network, and it gives a good snapshot at how sneaky teams get to hide their hands when it comes to players.
    Men are moved by two levers only: fear and self interest.

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    Bridgewater will be a bust and the Vikings won't draft him. Book it.

    Louisville is in an incredibly easy conference.
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    Bridgewater? Not at 8!

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