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  1. 2014 Vikings Schedule

    Damn.. tough stretch early..

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    If we draft a CB and 3 of his first 5 career games are against Brady, Brees, and Rodgers..he might retire lol
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


  3. I predict Derek Carr starts game 1 vs Rams..

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    Wow, that seems to be a brutal schedule for a 5-11 team.

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    2014 Vikings Schedule

    i see sum upset games in tha early stretch of tha season

  6. Probably should start the fire Zimmer thread now !
    If you want to win it all, you have to get to the play offs first. The NFCN was pretty weak last year. With a little improvement the Vikings can get there.
    The players the Vikings have will determine their success, for the most part; not the schedule.

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    So Jared Allen doesn't return to Minny until Dec 28, that could be a meaningless game (for Vikes)at -25 and he will be beat up from 15 games, was hoping to see him sooner.

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    2014 Vikings Schedule

    The schedule doesn't seem as tough as others got, and I like where we get our BYE this year (last year sucked major ass).

    The packers have to go to Seattle in week 3, for Godsakes!! Our biggest challenges, in my opinion, are the Saints and the Patriots, and both are in the first 4 weeks. After that, we have our division and... Carolina? I don't expect them to be NEARLY as good as last year, Cam has no one the throw to!!

    The Falcons should be better this year, and maybe the Rams... And the Redskins might shock the hell out of everyone if they find any kind of a decent defense. But really; if we put a decent product on the field, we SHOULD do very well this year!!
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    I think the schedule is quite tough early. I feel St. Louis will be a good team with a winning record, and the same goes for New England and New Orleans. Winning ANY of those 3 teams would be a good sign in my opinion! I think the Vikings will be fired up for the games at New Orleans and (of course) against the Packers. Vegas has the Vikings winning 7 games, and I'm in agreement. The schedule does seem easier after game 5, so I see the Vikings falling out of playoff contention by mid season, then improving significantly after that. The team is a work in progress, but I feel the needle is pointing upward! SKOL VIKINGS!

  10. L - Vikings on the road at the Rams
    L- Patriots, need I say more
    L- Falcons were picked by many to go to the NFC championship game last year and they
    are healthy this year.
    L- Packers We hardly ever win at Lambeau
    W- We beat the Lions
    L - The Bills are a very young and talented team and we do not travel well.
    W- Tampa - We could easily lose this game as it is a road game.
    W- We beat the Deadskins
    L - We have trouble beating the Bores at home, on the road we are in big trouble
    W- I think we split with the Puckers this year.
    L- Panthers are very good defensively
    W- Jets are a very good team when the head coach coaches the D, lets hope he lets someone else do it
    L- The Lions, we are on the road and they are a good football team and I think we split with the division.
    W - We win at least two road games and the Dolphins are beatable at home.
    W- We split with the Bears and we have them at home.

    The Vikings will be 7-9 in my estimation, with a plus or minus 1, That means I think they will be somewhere between 6-10 and 9-7. Who knows what will happen if Zimmer really can coach players though.
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