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    Jared Allen to the Seahawks

    Pass-rusher Jared Allen has agreed to sign with the Seattle Seahawks and is in the process of finalizing a contract with the Super Bowl champions, according to league sources.
    Jared Allen, Seattle Seahawks reach deal - ESPN

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    Surprise surprise. Imagine that, the Seahawks grabbing ex-Vikings!!
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    I did not much care about Jackson,Rice,Burlison,Harven and whomever else but this one hurts.

    I cant help but wish him good health. He will be missed.
    Go ahead back up your to close away.

  4. Probably a good move for him. Wonder what kind of contract he was willing to take.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewlovs View Post
    Surprise surprise. Imagine that, the Seahawks grabbing ex-Vikings!!
    If this is true, ... I hope Jared Allen fails big time.

    I have no love for players that leave the Vikings of their own free will.

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    I like Jared big time, but am really starting to despise the sea hawks.

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    Jared Allen to the Seahawks

    Seabags are still mad about the brilliant "poison pill" offer that brought Steve Hutchinson to Purple!

    JA will always be a Vike!

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

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    Well, so much for part of me pulling for him to get a ring.

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    Ah we will get even, when they Franchise tag Russell Wilson we'll go after him and give up the picks and give him the contract he wants and they will have to much cap space tied up with ex-vikes to maneuver then they can sign Ponder and re up Jackson too......blah hah ah hah HA

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    I thought he left Seattle without a contract? Did someone jump the gun reporting this!

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