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    Glad we got someone I wanted. Was worried about keep having to go lower on the list of fre agetn CB's.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


  3. Decent signing, imo. Kinda would have liked to have gotten DRC, but Captain Munnerlyn is fine too.

    - sidenote, Rube Chat sucks. Vikings sign Captain Munnerlyn = RC crashing for like 2 hours. Vikings flag ship my ass.
    Trying out some new forums since I got my ip banned on Purple Chat 2 weeks ago...

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    Captain got big endorsment from jerome felton .sez he is a pitbull and plays bigger than his size listed ..played on one of the best defences in the league last season ...looking forward to seeing him play

  5. The Vikings had nobody to cover the slot receiver, this is a key addition to the team.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by smegmavike View Post
    The Vikings had nobody to cover the slot receiver, this is a key addition to the team.
    Exactly. This is a great signing because he has experience playing the nickel, where Robinson struggled mightily last season. Cap'n was in on over 70 tackles last year with 3.5 sacks, 12 passes batted and 2 INTs, both for TDs. In his career, 5 out of 7 INTs have been pick-sixes!! Nice!!

    Captain Munnerlyn, CB for the Carolina Panthers at

    I'm not sold on the Cox signing, but if anyone can get him back to form, it sounds like Zimmer is the guy. I'd still like to see us address CB early in the draft too tho. Moving back a few and still landing Gilbert or Dennard would be huge, or moving our 2nd up a lil to make sure we get Fuller or Roby could be real good too. We might be able to land a decent option at the top of the third, but I suspect that the position will be quite picked over by then...

    Good read on the Captain here too:
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  7. Nice pickup, definitely an upgrade in the slot over Robinson. Would have liked Verner, but the Captain will do just fine. As long as we are getting better on defense is all I care about. Add a solid LB in the draft, and all of a sudden our defense looks stout with the additions of Joseph and Munnerlyn. Not to mention a defensive genius like Zimmer. Better coaching equals better results.

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    Vikings Sign Captain Munnerlyn

    Very nice pickup.

  9. Vikings Sign Captain Munnerlyn

    Nice to finally have a captain on the defense.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by tastywaves View Post
    Nice to finally have a captain on the defense.
    And this one won't even have a C on his chest. Everyone will just know he is a Captain.

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