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    Vikes interested in bringing Jerome Simpson back

    Vikings Interested In Bringing Back Jerome Simpson - Daily Norseman

    he obviously has shown a "me first" mentality..why bring him back??

  2. What a waste of money. Don't bring him back.

  3. He won't be brought back as a starter and could be facing suspension. I don't think he will make it past training camp, if he makes it that far.

  4. NO!!!!!!He is not that good and cant stay out of trouble. Move along nothing to see here....

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    Vikes interested in bringing Jerome Simpson back

    No i would rather sign Andre Roberts, Emmanuel-Sanders,

  6. I agree with Andre Roberts,but instead of Sanders. How would anyone feel about Edelman to work the slot? He has really good hands and is a strong route runner. He also wouldnt be expensive at all. Just s thought

  7. Jerome is not that bad, he did make some nice plays

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    Vikes interested in bringing Jerome Simpson back

    Roberts is the #3 WR in AZ. I don't think he wants to be #3 in MN. At least not after hearing him on Sirius.

    I'm not sure how many options Simpson will have, so, he'd come cheap. This isn't that bad of a thing.

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    I'd take Simpson back. Towards the end of the season he put together some damn good play. He was limited by our QB, but we saw him go up fearlessly and make some fantastic catches to keep plays alive.

    Bring him back on a low incentive-based contract with a clause that's voidable if he gets into legal issues like we did with Koren Robinson.

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    100% with IBP here, he caught some clutch passes for us last year and deserves a crack at the team, don't see too many guys willing to go get crunched making a play
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