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    Our biggest needs were already addressed when we fired the coaching staff and brought in what looks like a dynamic duo with Zimmer and Turner. The rest will fall into place
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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    Vikings Biggest Team Needs

    Tha vikings need QB,CB,DE,DT,LB,SS,OG. Tha vikings should sign Vontae Davis, T.J. Ward and Linval Joseph and other needs threw tha draft

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    I see their biggest need as being DT, MLB, OLB, CB, of course the obvious QB. The middle of our defense was atrocious this year. LB were even worse. But I think a great front 7 makes the back end easier and of course better.

  5. Greenway will need to be replaced in a few years
    We need a MLB now.
    Allen will need to be replaced in a few years, assuming we resign him.
    Need a QB.
    Need a solid CB to go along with Rhodes.
    We could use a G in this draft.

    Do we replace these position in this draft or wait until next draft. Priorities?

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    I see a DT to pair with Floyd as a bigger need than MLB. If Mauti can stay healthy we may have something there, and Cole has shown he can at least hold down the position, and he's still young. Since Pat Williams left we haven't had that big guy gobbling up blockers. Linval Joseph is 25 and he is the FA add I'd like most.

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    Vikings Biggest Team Needs

    LB, OG and maybe another CB now.


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