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  1. I don't actually hate the idea. I've watched every Jets game for as long as I can remember. I live in NJ, I'm surrounded by Jets and Giants fans. They've been really unfair to Sanchez. There have been reasons to get on his case at times, but not to the degree people have. They haaaate the guy. ESPN piling on really turned it into a national story, but they rarely seemed to mention exactly how bad every single piece of the Jets offense around him was. Seriously, check it out.

    Jeremy Kerley was their top receiver in 2012, Dustin Keller in 2011. Shonn Greene was mediocre on his best day, don't let the 1000 yards fool you. Their o-line was closer to worthless than they were to good. The whole team that Mangini built was basically dismantled by 2010, age caught up with the guys Rex brought in early in his tenure. They were the walking wounded, if they were walking at all, for most of the 2012 season.

    They put the weight of the world on Sanchez. He was running for his life and throwing to nobody. What was he supposed to do? Throw it in the dirt or out of bounds every play? Everyone would have gotten on him twice as much if he didn't at least try to compete. And in order to compete, you need to have a competitive roster around you. The Jets did not. There might not be a QB, alive or dead, who could have made a difference on those teams.

    He's not Manning or Brady, but I'll never be convinced he couldn't have been a solid QB. I've always like his attitude. I think he drives the ball downfield pretty well, though I'm curious to see how he looks post surgery. He's a very good athlete, has a quick drop back and release. When he was allowed to pick his spots and not leaned on to create offense as a rookie and second year player he looked good.

    That being said, I'm not sure a starting role is best for him right away. He's the type of player I could see needing a change of scenery and a backup role for a year, then catching a break and starting games again. I think San Francisco is the perfect landing spot for him.

    No matter the case, he's better than anyone on the Vikings roster at the moment. I can't say I want the Vikes to sign him, but I won't cry about it if they do.

    And buck the futt bumble. Remember Jim Marshall?

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    There are no circumstances where this should conceivably happen. We would be better off just sticking with least he knows the WR's.

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    Sanchez needed constant goading to play at his best; now, his best WAS damn good, but you really need a Big Tuna type of coach to get that out of him. Parcells could piss off a rock!

    I just don't see that type of a coach presently on the Vikings staff. Sanchez, if he is lucky, will go to a team that will inspire him, and maybe you will get to see the player you think is there, Neo.
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