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    Vikings Mock Draft

    Who should the Vikings pick with their 8th, 40th and 72nd pick.. i think they should pick a QB like aaron murrey in the 2nd or 3rd round and pick a linebacker in the first.

    greetings feom Austria - SKOL Vikings

  2. Hoping for


    At 8th, in that order. Anyone else and I'd look to trade down.

    As for the QB, I dont pretend to know. I just hope for Spielman's and our sake he gets one that we can win with.

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    Pick 8 should be best defensive player on board. 40 either a qb like Carr, if he lasts this far. Or best defensive player. 3rd rd QB, Guard, Defense. And then more defense, Lets say we stand with our 8 picks in this draft 6 of the selections should be on defensive side.. Just my thoughts.

  4. Assuming they don't trade down.
    1st- LB Khalil Mack
    2nd-CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste
    3rd- G Gabe Jackson
    3rd- LB Shayne Skov
    4th- DT Daniel McCullers
    5th- QB David Fales
    6th- RB Dri Archer
    7th- DE Deandre Coleman

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    1st available
    2nd cb
    3rd dt
    3rd qb

  6. Best player available at each spot.

  7. With so many needs, I think we have to go BPA, but that since BPA is a very variable thing, you can shape it a bit to fit your biggest in, BPA at a position of need, within a reasonable range.

    Charlie Campbell has a good example up at the moment. The QB value is gone at 8, so we work on fixing our other biggest weakness, pass D. 2014 NFL Mock Draft - Charlie Campbell

    1. Justin Gilbert, CB. Decent size and great athlete who is also a threat with the ball in his hands.
    2. Carr, QB. I kind of feel like his bowl game proved he has the same flaws his brother has, but if he's at the top of their list of the remaining QBs, the 2nd would be the place to spend the pick.
    3. Jason Verrett, CB. A Winfield replacement? Small stature but big play maker with excellent, quick-twitch measurables.
    3b. Deone Buchannon, S. "a nice mix of ball skills, run-support tackling and hard hitting" who has averaged 100 tackles and 4 INTs a season over the past 3 years.
    4. Davonta Freeman, RB. Solid runner to spell Peterson.

    Now that would be a big step in fixing our pass Defense! And, we still get a QB prospect at a decent value, without the pressure of being reached for with a top ten pick. We still need to resign Cassel and Griffen, and upgrade LG and LB through FA, but a draft like this combined with the young talent we have should set us up for a good if not great secondary for several years.
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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    they are talking about Jimmy Grapopollo (sp) on espn radio right now. His college couch said he had the fast release he's ever seen. Also said he is extremely smart.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by VikesFan787 View Post
    they are talking about Jimmy Grapopollo (sp) on espn radio right now. His college couch said he had the fast release he's ever seen. Also said he is extremely smart.
    I heard that same interview. I have only watched highlight videos of him so I don't know him very well. But my impression is, he throws behind receivers and is late with some of his throws.
    If that continues in the NFL he will throw a lot of picks.
    On the other hand, he has good size with decent pocket movement skills. Seems to go through his progressions instead of bailing if his first read is covered. Has good arm strength and a quick release, like his coach said.
    He will need to make quicker decisions in the NFL and get more skilled at anticipating receivers coming open as well as learn to throw timing routes.
    He is actual the QB I would like the Vikings to draft. I would take him as high as the second round, then sit him behind a veteran for a year.
    I would use the rest of the draft primarily on defense, although they may need to pick up a running back late in the draft.

  10. I found an intriguing draft scenario for rounds 1-3:
    Jackson's 3 Round Vikings Mock Draft 2.0 - The Viking Age - A Minnesota Vikings Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
    I love Gilbert at 8 (or 11 as the article suggests), OK with Mettenberger at 40 if the article is true, and like Smith at 72 IF he can transition to safety (has the speed). McCullers at 96 is about right. Get him down to a "svelte" 335 and use him as a two down guy to run-stuff. Helps out Cole and/or Mauti. Maybe keep K Will for 3rd down/passing situations. Walah, we go from "KAO" to "KAD" (Kick Ass Defense). Deep draft, many options later as well.

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