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    I kind of like them.

    They are different and edgy ... and they are the direction that most uniforms are going to be going.

  2. What the **** is that?! The Buccaneers went from having the best uniforms to the worst uniforms in the NFL

    I will be honest, I am worried that the Vikings will have those ugly uniforms in the future
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by AngloVike View Post
    If Nike had their way then that probably would happen… hopefully the uniform contract is away from them before they completely screw the entire NFL unis
    You got that right Anglo!

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    As a matter of fact, I do know

  4. Those uniforms are awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LIVike View Post
    Those uniforms are awful.
    No, the Steelers "jail house bumble bee" uniforms were awful. These are just loud and different.
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    Don't love em or hate em, just wish nike would stop with this stupid collar shit.. I'm so glad we ditched it.

  7. I think their original helmets and uniforms looked the best.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by keystonevike View Post
    I think their original helmets and uniforms looked the best.
    But they were outdated but yeah, their original and their 2nd uniforms are better than this crap that they are going to wear this year

  9. those uni's are awful!!.. I can't believe the NFL approved those... looks like Arena football uni's

  10. Like the helmets, don't like the uniforms. They could have tweaked their previous jerseys and still kept it looking good. This looks more like an arena football team now.

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