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  1. Quote Originally Posted by i_bleed_purple View Post
    When this happens to a normal person, nobody bats an eye, when it's a pro, he's a monster.
    A rapist isn't a normal person where I come from. Are you really going to defend this POS ? Wow !

  2. Sound like a sickness of sorts or a perversion. He definitely wouldn't have to give the morphine. This sounds like there is evidence he has done this in multiple cities, that doesn't sound like coincidences. Difficult to defend someone, will leave judgement until he has gone to trial.

    Looks like NFLN may need a new guy to take his place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midgensa View Post
    C Mac is right here.

    The charges are that he intentionally made them blackout so that he could rape them. That HE provided the drugs UNKNOWINGLY to the women. That is a much bigger deal than having sex with a drunk woman who regrets it later.
    Then ignore me. Hopefully the pos gets dealt with appropriately. I had hoped that might be the case, but evidently not.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by i_bleed_purple View Post
    Then ignore me. Hopefully the pos gets dealt with appropriately. I had hoped that might be the case, but evidently not.
    Innocent until proven guilty, so you could be right about the women looking for money angle; but investigations in other cities suggest a pattern of serial rape. Using morphine on someone is actually much more life threatening than getting someone drunk.
    But more importantly, the thought that getting a girl drunk or passed out in order to have sex with her is still a form of rape, and it is wrong.
    When you have daughters your views may change.
    Women should be respected.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by C Mac D View Post
    Um... no. He's being charged with morphine possession in addition to rape. He is accused of lacing drinks with morphine, so there must be fairly damning evidence, including drinking glasses with morphine on them, for them to file those charges.

    Does it mean he's guilty? No... does it mean the evidence is fairly damning and you shouldn't be defending him? Yes.
    Here is the Damning accusation:

    "Court documents laid out a series of allegations against Sharper that occurred between Sept. 22 and Jan. 15. Women reported meeting Sharper -- usually at a nightclub -- then going back to his hotel room or another location. The women, who were often in pairs, said Sharper then gave them shots of alcohol that caused them to black out.

    Some of the women said they awoke hours later to find Sharper assaulting them or a friend. Many said they could remember nothing between drinking the shots and waking up. Authorities said Sharper's DNA was found on one of the victims during a medical examination. In another incident, the sleep-aid drug zolpidem -- an Ambien generic -- was found in a cup he had given another victim, officials said.

    Charges have been filed only in connection with the L.A. allegations, though officials in the other jurisdictions said their cases remained open."

    Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper due in court on drug, rape charges -

    Usually two women at a time...... these are the LA cases.

    Hmmm, not looking good.

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    Of course, Sharper is innocent until proven guilty, and we do not have both sides of testimony, yet.

    That stated, it does not look good for Sharper. The number of allegations means many witnesses for the prosecution. The evidence already shown is enough for a grand jury to approve a felony trial case going forward.

  7. #17 Sharper surrenders to L.A. police
    Sharper surrenders to L.A. police

    Looks like the evidence is piling up. If half of it is true what the F@#k took so long
    Go ahead back up your to close away.

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    Wait for the trial. Far too often the prosecutor is the reporter who broke the story, and the jury is the people who read that story and don't realize they are only getting one point of view.

    We will get a good idea of how damning this is when we hear the defense's side of the story(s). If the victims all turn out to know each other, and have had history with Sharper, this whole thing becomes a lot for muddied; until we get Sharper's side, let's hold off on deciding anything.

    Now! If his defense is "Those aren't my shoes! You photo-shopped that!" and "See?! The gloves don't fit!", the clear picture we have becomes extremely damning.

    That is a OJ reference, if there are some young people on the board reading this...
    Men are moved by two levers only: fear and self interest.

    ~Napoleon Bonaparte on Politics

  9. Innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty guys. Either he is one hell of a sick sexual predator, or he is being extorted because of who he is. Let the system decide.

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    He is a piece of garbage ....a predator....its called rape ant way you slice it if you dont thinks i feel sorry for you ...i can only hope he goes to jail and get what he deserves .

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