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    drafting carr would work for us

    having the right coaches is key in developing players ...even cloweny will need to be coached up ... carr would be a reach at 8 and we would be giving up a blue chip player at lb...or another defence player...if we can trade into the bottom of the first round make sure we land carr ...or is he worth the 8th pick

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    Granted it sounds like one of his worst games, but I watched his bowl game vs. USC and he looked terrible. Couldn't deliver pass with anybody near him. I guess maybe they could coach him up, but I don't want him anytime in the first.

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    I wish I could find the link, but it mentioned trading our 8th to the Jets, for their 19th? and 70th something..we take Carr with the 1st round pick.

    found it!!

    2014 NFL Mock Draft: Johnny Manziel No. 1; Rams draft a QB -
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    i hear what ur saying TED ...,BUT THERE ARE 4 OR 5 TEAMS WITH QB NEEDS in front of us..with three qb worth going that high ... if they dont fill that need in the first round they might in the second ...then we miss out on CARR ...I can see us dropping down getting more picks picking up CARR in the bottom half of the first .
    spielman really screwed us with taking ponder 12 overall last year then not drafting a qb any of the next years ...

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    I wish I could find the link, but it mentioned trading our 8th to the Jets, for their 19th? and 70th something..we take Carr with the 1st round pick.
    Think I saw that too...they move up for the A&M receiver Evans. I like the trade down idea as a plan to draft a bunch of defensive talent, and I'd want a first rounder if that's the plan.

    As far as QB I see Carr in the same tier as McCarron, Mettenberger, Garroppolo...projects that may or may not work. I seem to be one of the few who doesn't mind if they gotta pay big to move up. It's a lot to pay, and I think it's worth it. Bridgewater looks as sure thing as there is this year. I think the lack of "wow" is overblown. Dude doesn't have potential like Bortles...he's ready. Get him, open up that offense while AD is still a step above the rest. Sign DT Joseph and CB Verner, hope the young in house LB talent comes around after drafting 2 last year, make that defense respectable.

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    Unless Norv sees something he really likes in Carr (maybe the big arm) I'd rather see one of the many defensive options and take their chances to see who falls, even to that #49 they would pick up in that case.

    If he really likes Carr though, this trade down is a dream scenario. Finding a partner would be tough but if Evans blows up the combine like Julio Jones, that makes #8 look more valuable.

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    I think that scenario would be huge, we get a decent QB, and add some draft picks at the same time..

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    I would love to see us get Carr, but only in the second round. If we trade away the #8 pick, we SHOULD get at least a 1st and 2nd round pick for it, and we can use that one of them on Carr; otherwise, we risk pulling another Ponder move (i.e. drafting a 2nd round QB bust with a 1st round pick).

    I would LOVE to see us walk away from the draft with a Carr/Grappolo type QB duo, plus 5-6 defense hole-fillers. If we go this route, it means we have at least 2 starters on our defense next year.
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  10. drafting carr would work for us

    Obvious choice is to trade back and get a solid defender like Gilbert or Dennard (someone decent will be available) and use those newly acquired picks to trade back into the first ahead of AZ to get Carr. Win.


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