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    Matt Cassel Expected To Void Contract

    While Matt Cassel has another year remaining on his contract with the Vikings, the deal allows him to opt out and become a free agent this offseason if he decides to void it by this Friday. And thatís exactly what heíll do, a source tells Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN Twin Cities. Jennie Olson of also hears from a source that Cassel has decided to void his contract.

    Matt Cassel Expected To Void Contract | Pro Football Rumors
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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    Can't say I'm surprised. He was clearly the QB most equipped to run the offense this season, but they just let him spin on the merry-go-round.

    Treat someone like shit when they have an option to leave and they'll take that option.

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    If that's the case we're really screwed this year. If they decide to play Ponder I won't watch a single game.

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    I see us keeping Freeman. Maybe Ponder will go to Seattle and win a SB next year.

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    could make for an interesting off-season. Assuming Freeman is gone, Ponder will be hanging around another year - as no-one is likely to trade for him now to see how Cassell goes. Either he wants to go elsewhere or is looking for better money than he was signed for.
    If we are looking to draft/develop a lower round QB pick then we'll need a veteran presence to cover for the next year or so. However if that presence is Ponder then the fans may be straight onto the new coaching staffs back.
    Question is what the Vikes feel is a good price to sign Cassell for possibly two years
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    I would leave too if I were him. The team doesn't deserve to have a decent backup QB after the way they treated him. I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of players bolt for the door as soon as they can.

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    I think we will have to see what Norv has in mind. Who knows who he has been talking to.


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    It sounds like this isn't a surprise, and it doesn't mean he's gone. He's #1 on the depth chart so if it's going to stay that way he can expect more money. Vikes will have to show their cards when free agency opens.

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    I'm fine with this. I wish Cassel luck as he tries to secure a better contract for himself. I sense he may have a tough time earning more money than in Minnesota. Perhaps he will be treated better by another team, and maybe that's most important to him.

    At this point, I feel we need to draft TWO quarterbacks, one in the second or third round, and one in the fourth or fifth round, to compete with Ponder and upgrade the quarterback position once and for all! Hopefully, Norv Turner will be able to make the QB position on our roster a strength in time.

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    Time to bring in Vick and draft Boyd.

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