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    Players want Peterson in Super Bowl

    In ESPN's NFL Nation Confidential, an anonymous survey of more than 320 players around the league, players voted the Minnesota Vikings running back the player they would most like to see in a Super Bowl who hasn't been there yet.

    "That's pretty cool," Peterson said. "It feels good. I guess guys are able to see the passion that I play with, the desire I play with, and they respect it enough to make that type of statement.

    Full article: Adrian Peterson of Minnesota Vikings picked as player that peers would most like to see in Super Bowl -- ESPN survey - ESPN
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


  2. Got my vote!!!

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    AD has class, we all like to see the payoff for a good sportsman, even when it is not ours.
    Go ahead back up your to close away.

  4. So would I..

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    Players want Peterson in Super Bowl

    Hopefully this be tha year new coaches and bring in betta defense player to get AP to tha damn Super Bowl

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    That's awesome he's the top vote.
    Tony Gonzalez would be nice to see too.


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