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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoot View Post
    I hope I eat my words but this is a conflict of interest and it shouldn’t happen. Do you think if Scott doesn’t perform his dad will fire him? NO! And, it only compromises his job. Bad Move!
    AGAIN, I hope I eat my words
    Norv didn't hire him so why would he fire him, my guess would be Zim would let Scott go or Mike and Rick would fire both Norv and Scott.

    No what happens if Adam Zimmer falters he was hired by his dad

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuadFan View Post
    Well to not assume the worst about Scott Turner I'll either guess Norv wants him to coach multiple offensive positions to improve his coaching or possibly Zimmer wants to keep George Stewart as our WR coach.
    This and it will be Norvs offense anyways.

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    yes buddy rayn 46 defence was awesome..he said just bring more guys than they can block was an attacking style defence ...buddy had the right players too ,they would kick you in the mouth and eat ur children fast athletic and mean as hell ...what the bears had that season comes once in a life time far as being a crass jerk head coach he was terriable ..

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