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    Josh Freeman picks the Vikings

    Being reported all over Twitter he chose the Vikings. I am happy we went out to get this guy.

  2. Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

  3. Great pickup. I'm excited about this. Although it will be interesting to see how long it take before he can start.

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    So what does that mean for this season?
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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    I would give Cassel one more start then let Freeman take over. Jay glazer claims Vikings wanted a 2 yr deal but Josh only wanted 1 so it's just a 1 year deal. Hopefully he justifies a long term deal this offseason.

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    I'm speechless. All I can say is we have a LOT of "glass is half full" fans.

    The guy skipped the team photo for the Buccs because either:
    1) he was mad at the coach, or
    2) he was mad the team didn't pick him to be a captain.

    Either way, perfect "leader" material for our team, eh? Oh well, maybe Ponder can give him a few tips. As for all you optimists, I applaud you, you are better people than I. There are only so many rolls of the dice I can take as a fan.

    That's all I got for now, I'll go vomit then off to bed.

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    I have huge issues with this and I would take Cassell over this kid all day.

    Lets check his record.
    1 - Never won in high school
    2 - Majority of his wins in college was 1AA teams. Lost every game his final year to Division 1 teams ( i think)
    3 - Had 1 good season where his teams played a bunch of nobodies.
    4 - Had this season to forget
    5 - Will not start as it takes time to get fully up to speed with a playbook.
    6 - Whats the point of the 1 year deal?

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    Josh Freeman picks the Vikings

    I feel bad for Cassel

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    Cassel has to start against Carolina, right?

    So what if he has another good game and puts up a W?

    I kind wanted to see where he could take this.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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