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  1. Tickets for vikings

    I am travelling to Minnesota from Ottawa to watch the vikings take on the browns this year. I am still looking to buy tickets and I had a few questions.

    I have seen tickets ranging from 24$ to 200$. Which seats are usually the best bang for your buck?

    I was just wondering if the view from row 30 section 206 is unbearably far or if it is fine?

    Where is your favorite spot to sit?

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    I personally like the upper level corner endzone, low row. That is the best view in the stadium IMHO, and I have sat pretty much everywhere. My season tickets are in section 215 row 8. I spent a year in the lower levels back in 2009 but moved back up the uppers because the sight lines are better.

    Row 30 is pretty high up. Most upper level sections only go up to row 30 or 32, so you could be I the very top row. Also, some seats in row 27 or higher may be obstructed view tickets because of the supports. So be wary for that. If you are purchasing from eBay I would make sure to specifically ask if the view is restricted before buying anything that high.

    As far as best bang for your buck, it all depends on what you are wanting to get out of the game. All views, except the obstructed seats, are good. It is one of the great things about the metrodome. However be aware that the upper rows tend to be populated with fans who have... Well lets just say they tend to really enjoy tailgating before the game. If you don't mind the occasional loud drunken fan, or the slightly better than average chance of having beer spilled on you, then those seats can be a lot of fun. However if you are bringing any children, or are more interested in the game than the festivities, you might want to consider paying a bit more for some seats further down.

    The home opener is sold out, so tickets are only available through resellers. Right now is probably a good time to buy because the Vikings sucked so bad on Friday. So if you can find tickets for face value or less I would snap them up.

    How many tickets are you looking for? I actually can't make the home opener, so I am selling my two tickets for $100 each. Pm me if interested.

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    I like either lower level (middle or higher rows) in Sections 112-117 or upper level 212-219 (lower rows). Preferably, an end seat, next to the beer man!

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