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Thread: Player safety

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    Player safety

    So the other night when Floyd went down due to that cut block from an OL it made me ask why the NFL still allows OL to go at the knees of defenders if they are really concerned about the health of their players.

    Personally I feel if the league is going to do what they can to make the game safer, it would be a no brainer to make it illegal to go at the knees of any player like they do in the zone blocking schemes.

    The Texans and Kubiak derived that technique while at Denver under Shanahan and it is pretty widely believed that while there the OL in that era was very dirty at going after the knees of opponents and I think it is high time they put that to an end.

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    Player safety


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    They are professionals, they can defend themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcdon00 View Post
    They are professionals, they can defend themselves.
    So then they should be able to remove the rules protecting the QB since "They are professionals"?


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