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    Happy veterans' day!!

    Now that it has passed midnight central time, i wanted to be the 1st to Wish all present
    former military a Happy Veterans' Day!!

    I am doing this out of respect for all those that gave their lives, and suffered any
    sort of injury or not, during your military career.

    Truth be told, i am a disabled vet, although my disability is far less severe then most.

    That being said, i have developed other issues that didn't result from my time in the

    Bottom line, i salute each and every member of the military past and present, living
    and deceased.
    Be safe, come home soon and God Bless.

    Last Note: Please remove your cover during the national anthem. The last 2 games i attended
    i had to remind a couple random people to do so. Thank You.
    I love the Vikings.
    If I'm not at the game, I'm watching it while
    watching my youngest son play hockey.

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    Move this please.
    I didn't realize i was in the wrong place until i had posted it already.
    I love the Vikings.
    If I'm not at the game, I'm watching it while
    watching my youngest son play hockey.

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    Thanx to all of you vets who've served our country to keep America free & the world a better place.

    Freedom shouldn't be taken for granted, even though we've had it our entire lives. Many servicemen have dies protecting that freedom.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Thanks StCloud and Singer, and Thank you, to all our or other vets out there, who served and are still serving. Coming from a long line of Vets, this day has always held a speical place in my heart and mind.

    Grandpa Buddy; WWII Vet.... US Merchant Mariner (yes,they recieved vet status many years ago, and well deserved at that.)

    Papa Eddie; US Army, Korean Conflict 3rd inf div 15th Reg, Silver Battle Star and Purple Heart w/2 oak leaf cluster (wounded 3 times in battle)

    Brother Steve: USNavy USS Kittyhawk, Aircraft Carrier, Served in the Bay of Bengal (Vietnam War)

    Myself, USArmy and USMC Dual Service

    We where and are, all proud and honored to serve both our country and country's people......Again happy Vets Day.

    note; happy Birthday to the USMC, even though that was yesterday....


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    Happy veterans' day!!

    Thank you Vets, for all you do, have done, and your commitment and sacrifices. Respect you always!

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

  6. Proud to have served. Thanks for all your good words and to those who have served.

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    Was Remembrance Day here but the sentiments are the same. Thanks to all wherever in the world they are that help protect our freedoms.

    Dad - Fought in WWII and was wounded just after D-Day
    Uncle Lloyd who was at Dunkirk and then went back on D-Day to show that payback is a bitch.
    Neither talked about what they saw or experienced which is enough to convince me that it was not pleasant or ever to be taken lightly

    Uncle Tom - killed 1940 on HMS Esk in the North Sea. He, like many, paid the ultimate price and has never been forgotten by his family.
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...


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