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  1. Norseman GameDay!!!!!! Hell yea!!!

    Woooooohoooooooo!!!! ARE YA READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL????? Been ready. Let's go Vikings!!!
    So what kind of game-day ritual(s) do you engage in? Flags out? Have all the chips, dip, wings, and whatever else you like ready to go? Have all of your fantasy teams set? Did you call all of your buds and tell them get the heck out of bed? SKOL!!!!!!!!!
    Beat the crap out of the Jags!!!!!!!!!!
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    I put on my Favre jersey, which has been modified into a Kluwe jersey.

    I will slowly apply a nice drunk.

    That's my ritual. (jersey is a game time decision though, I reserve the right to change up until kickoff.)

    If I pick my jersey incorrectly, the Vikings will lose.

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    Getting the food ready ... and beverages.

    Purple stuff for me and the family.

    Got the game on HD record to look at close plays and watch line play and other things later.

    Bouncing off the wall for football!


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