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    If I was the Vikings GM I would...

    I thought this would be fun. Tell us what you would change. Please just add one thing at a time. I know how do you narrow that down!

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    Get a new OC!

    I personally havent been happy with our OCs for quite a long time. I think that Musgrave is too conservative and thought quite boring last season. Adding Carlson isnt goign to chaneg the dynamics of our what else do we have in store? I saw no creativity (or atleast nto as much as we were promised). I hope we open things up a little more this year

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    Well, I would trade down from the 3 spot and get all of the picks i can get. There isn't a skill player available that is so rare that we need to take them. Whether it is CB, LT or WR we can find starters farther down the board but we have so many holes that getting more swings at the fence is highly desirable.

    And since we are really rebuilding and will not contend for the division in the next few years i would also trade JA for as many picks as i can get and try to get him to a team where he has a chance to win a title before he retires. I would also shop Peterson. I doubt we could trade him due to his contract but with his blown out knee he is not going to be able to give us the performance that will justify his 100 million dollar contract.

    With that type of pick volume we should be able to build a very young core of players that could really be a force in 2-3 years and still leave us in good shape with the salary cap.

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    If I was the Vikings GM I would...

    Spend all of my time on PP.O listening to their opinions because the average rube obviously knows more about football than people who make a living off it.

    OK, in the spirit of the thread - I would do pretty much exactly what Speilman has done so far this FA. I would focus more on the draft than on free agency. Any FA players that I bring in would have to be young and have several good years in them.

    In the draft I would focus heavily on offense first, drafting a LT and WR in the first two rounds. I would also make a play to get an additional first or second round pick - whether that means trading down from 3 or packaging up a third and fourth to move up in the mid second. I know, everybody wants Kalil, and so do I. But I would rather get an A- WR and a B+ LT than an A+ LT and C WR.

    Offense sells tickets and generates excitement, so I would want to bring as much excitement to the Vikings after a 3-13 year. I realize that we would still lose games without a solid defense, but I honestly don't plan on being a contender this year anyway. Next year the focus would be on defense.

    Ideally, with this strategy, we would have a young, solid team in a couple of years.

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    I would understand that to be successful you need a successful QB. I would focus all my efforts on putting the pieces around Ponder to make him successful.
    If Ponder was not the answer I would put all my resources into finding the answer(I think the Redskins finally made a great move in this regard).
    Once the QB position is fixed life as a GM would be pretty easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcdon00 View Post
    I would understand that to be successful you need a successful QB. I would focus all my efforts on putting the pieces around Ponder to make him successful.
    Hopefully one of those pieces is the arm of another QB who can throw accurately & throw deep without floating the ball.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    I would trade down from #3, not dropping out of top 10. If not possible, I would draft Kalil and not look back. I would draft for need...ha, there are so many needs, drafting BPA kills two birds with one stone.

    I would keep developing Ponder...there's a lot to work with IMO. Check out this video from ESPN Sport Science... Sport Science: Christian Ponder - ESPN Video - ESPN

    I would have a serious discussion with the Wilfs, ensuring that we have the same expectations re: progress. In fact, if I were GM, that would be done.

    I would continue executing the Plan I started, until it is clear no progress has been made. Then, I will be looking for a job.

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

  8. I would focus on the offensive side of the ball with draft choices. I don't think Kalil is the 3rd best player in the draft, but he fills a need for us. That being said, I might look to trade down and accumulate some more picks, much like NoDakPaul is suggesting. Since we lacked WR threats last year, I might look at Blackmon, but not sure he is truly worthy of a 3 pick as well.

    Though Free Agency has not brought in big names, I like that fact that we are not breaking the bank on anyone. We have enough holes that bringing in one or two big names will turn us around. We need to build this team through the draft, and plug in gaps with free agents.

    The big thing that I would do, is make sure everyone in the organization is on the same page, from the ownership group to the janitors. This team in the past has looked lost and confused, and I am growing old with it. I would make sure everyone understands the plan, and that sticking to and executing the plan is key.

  9. If i were the GM.......

    I would draft Kali #3 overall. Then in the second round i would try to trade down and stockpile picks. Im sure in the beginning of the second round someone might be willing to give a first rounder for next yr. Then we will have a similar blueprint as the Browns this yr.

  10. I like the idea of trading down. I think we can find a solid LT later in the 1st or in the second round. Especially since trading down means we would probably get an additional 2nd rounder this draft.

    I really like WR Floyd and WR Hill. In a perfect draft I would trade down, and get both of these guys with my 1st two picks. Especially with the rookie salries now. Both would add so much dimension to our offense. We would have our #1 and #2 WRs with Harvin as a slot receiver.

    Use the rest of the draft picks to draft OLmen! lol

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