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  1. SharperImage's First Vikings 7 round draft!

    Ok guys ive done my research, looked at what the vikings what to do, and I think i got us pinned down.

    Round One: Matt Kalil OT USC - No brainer here. Best LT in the past 4 years. Probably the next Joe Thomas. Needs to gain about 20 healthy pounds, and is perfect.

    Round Two: Stephen Hill, WR, GT - Good build. Speed Size Athleticism!! Most likely wont come out the gate blazing, but will probably need one or two years to mature like RIce did, and we got ourselves the next Megatron. I expect him to work hard in camp and be our #2 Receiver. I hope that he could add about 10 pounds of muscle to his frame, and improve his route running skills.

    Round Three: Juron Criner WR Arizona - Another 6'4 WR with decent hands and jump ball ability. This WR Class is DEEP! I think the vikings know this, and will not pursue any WR free agents. Criner like Hill needs some time to polish, but also could be a Sidney Rice type player. He will Eventually be our #2 Receiver with Stephen Hill #1 and Percy were he belongs at #3. Criner needs to also imrpove his route running, and hopefully can show more speed at the pro level.

    Round Four: Markelle Martin S OKT State - Decent Size Safety, good speed and big hitting ability. BPA at the time for a position of need.

    Round Five: Kheeston Randall DT Texas - D Tackle with huge upside. Needs to be a bit more polished technique. Could put some more weight on his frame. LOADED DT draft

    Round Seven: Jeff Demps RB Flordia - Kick Returner/Punt Returner! Fast scat back, third and Long back. Screens, checkdowns. BLAZING SPEED!! Can be used like darren sproles or Bush before they became starting RBs

    The vikings need to build their offense this draft. TOO MANY GOOD receivers in this draft. We got our QB/RB/TE now we get our LT/WR/3RB. We can patch our defense up during the off seasons. We still have one of the best Dlines in the NFL. Robison is a beast along with Jared Allen. Ballard will start at DT next year, and Everson Griffen will take over in a couple years when Jared is gone. Chad Greenway and Erin Henderson is our future. and CB is a deep FA market.

    I hope the vikings make these smart decisions
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    I'd be thrilled with this draft.
    I hope the second round pick is a tall WR, though I'm not sure Stephen Hill will be there after the combine he had, too much upside. I've heard some talk that Alshon Jeffrey might fall into the second round after a poor combine, which would be a good pick if Hill is not there.
    In order to be successful in this league, and specifically this division, Ponder is going to need to throw for 4,000 yards minimum. We need protection and play makers to help him get there.
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    I was promised a 7-round mock. I only see 6. I am disappointed

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    I like these prospects.. Would be happy with this kind of draft, but i don't think we should draft a RB.


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    Quote Originally Posted by i_bleed_purple View Post
    I was promised a 7-round mock. I only see 6. I am disappointed
    Did we give up the 7th for McNabb?

  6. Good picks and analysis Sharperimage....

    IMO the receiver from GT is going to turn some heads in the NFL.

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    I am disappointed because we have like 10 draft picks and I only see 6 here.

    Minnesota Vikings: 2012 NFL Draft

    That link shows eight of them. And that is without the compensation picks we will get for Sidney Rice and Ray Edwards (I have heard a third and a fourth)

    But ... this draft would be very solid, even with just this six guys. The fact that we could be getting FOUR more means it could be a VERY good draft.

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    These picks are off. Hill will be a first rounder and demps will be gone by the fourth.

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    My 7 round draft.
    1.3, Kalil
    2.3, Trade down to 2.10 - Draft Alshon Jeffery
    3.3, Josh Robinson CB - UCF
    3.33, LaMichael James
    4.3, Josh Chapman DT.
    4.10, Received in trade back. Janzen Jackson, FS
    5.3, Ryan Miller, OG - Col
    5.33, Tommy Streeter - WR Mia
    6.3, Mike Harris - CB- FL ST
    7.3, Vontaze Burfict ILB
    7.16 Carson Wiggs K

  10. dude i would love ur draft Kevon, I just dont think Tommy Streeter Makes it past the 3rd round. I would actually update mines with tommy streeter in the 3rd for us.

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