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    Good ol Cornhusker hello!

    Hello fellow viking fans. Stumbled across this site today, cant believe i have i haven't come across it before as i spend half my day researching the vikings latest news. 22 year viking fan here! at only 24 years old

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    Skol and welcome.

    Sorry to say, but it is kinda dead around here being the offseason AND how our season played out.

    It'll pick up soon.

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    No worries, I have enjoyed reading the past threads and such that you guys have written on here. The one that google brought me to find you guys was from the 06 Troy Williamson pick

  4. Welcome! As Ultra said, things will be picking up soon, pre-draft things get busier. Meanwhile, as you've noticed, there is plenty of back material to keep you busy for quite a while. I spent the better part of two months going through that stuff when I first signed up a few years ago.

    Low activity or not, though, you've found the best site with the best folks around, so have fun! We look forward to your contributions.

    My Meeple is purple. What color is yours?

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    welcome to the site! Looking forward to things picking up soon once all the draft/FA activity starts up.


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