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    Norseman 2012 Crystal Ball

    Hey fellas, just wondering what your thoughts are on the upcoming season.

    My predictions:

    I'll start out by saying I'm not a fan of rewarding Spielman with the GM or sort of GM position...I fear this will prove to be a mistake.

    I am also not a fan of our new D coordinator choice, but in his defense he is a rookie D coordinator on a team with a very uncertain future. I wish him well and hope he succeeds, but he has an uphill battle to say the least. I would of liked to have seen a proven coordinator take the reigns, but that is most likely a non reality driven idea. What coordinator would want to come to this team for potentially a one year deal and leave again after next year....?

    Musgrave has been just creative enough for me to think there is hope in that department. He did some good things this year, especially with finding creative ways to use Percy. He also did some really stupid things this year (blazer/ fake option to Ponder??????) Ya, let's not talk about those plays....

    I think Ponder will improve next season and will become a better manager, but not to the degree that would solidify him as the guy. I think our O line might be improved with Kalil if that's who we take, but we still have problems and don't think they get much better next year, except maybe on the left side...if Kalil is taken. I think Ponder will have a full second to throw next year instead of the .4 seconds he was afforded this season. Because of the O line, I don't see a huge improvement in our offense. Also, with the unknown effects of the injury to AP, we may be just an average running team for a while, which doesn't bode well for us as our receiving corps is horrible.

    I think our D will improve next year also but again not to a huge degree. We have so many holes to fill and a lack of play makers that one year is not going to turn this thing around drastically. Also, with the uncertainty with Cook, he very well might be gone, and he's the best we have in the secondary. Barring a huge Herschel Walker type trade, we are still going to have some significant holes going into next season. I think Winny should be moved to safety and try and get another corner in FA.

    I haven't seen a solid schedule for next year, but i don't see us winning more than 7 games next season...I hope I am wrong. That being said, I'm not sure that will be enough to save Frazier's job and this whole thing might come apart again at the end of next season (good or bad).

    I hope I haven't come off as too pessimistic, but that's just how I think it will play out...and I hope I am very wrong. Regardless I will watch every game and not lose hope that they will win it all at some point.

    What say you fellas?

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  3. I predict that Ponder will throw for some td's, he will throw some picks, whomever is running the ball will gain yards. The defense will make some plays, give up some plays and surprise most by being better than expected. They will also not make plays and leave us wondering if theyve learned a damn thing.
    The team will win some games and lose some games that were expected. They even will win some games that will not be expected. The coaches will surprise us in a good and in bad ways. This season will have ups and downs, highs and lows, thrilling wins and agonizing defeats. We as fans will rejoice, agonize, cheer, and boo. What else do you expect? 6 or 7 wins, good draft. great draft, maybe 8 or 9.

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    I think we will be competative. I expect the WIlfs to be really active in Free agency. Expect two Dbs to be brought in, 1 being a top FA like Finn or Grimes. We maybe an 8 win team again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevoncox View Post
    I think we will be competative. I expect the WIlfs to be really active in Free agency. Expect two Dbs to be brought in, 1 being a top FA like Finn or Grimes. We maybe an 8 win team again.
    That would be nice.

  6. I'm hopeful that the Wilfs will realize that much help is greatly needed on both sides of the ball to be competetive in '12. If we're able to nab a top offensive line prospect and some secondary help and a good draft we could maybe snare up 10 wins. That is the best case scenario. More than likely we have a repeat of this seasons performance and Frasier is out as head coach. The only real positive going into next season is the fact that teams can turn things around in just one year's time. If we can nab a Matt Khalil to protect Ponder's backside and pick up a few decent secondary prospects and maybe another solid wideout like a Dwayne Bowe than who knows maybe we can make something happen next year...

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    Unless there are some big injuries to other teams in the division next year there is no way we sniff 10 wins.

  8. We were in alot of games this year. We should have had a few more wins. If we can have a good draft, get a FA or 2. I just wanna see some improvement. But we need to get 2 good OL to even think about 8 or 9 wins..

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    I expect nothing from this team. I didnt last year either, and ofc they did nothing. We have idiot owners, who surround themselves by idiots. Fraizer is a proven loser with no upside, Spielman has been slowly ruining this team for years, and is promoted. And you expect them to have a good draft and FA? Really? Based upon what? This was the year for the Wilfs to get serious and clean house and bring in some new blood. they didnt, so we waste another year. We win 3 games tops.

  10. I can't wait to look at these posts at the end of next year and see everyone's faces. 7-8 wins (guaranteed).

    Think about how many games we lost by less than 7 points.... 9 games. All of these games came down to a very few critical plays (I feel like I say this a lot), and I think that if we play sound fundamental football, we will surprise a lot of people next year.

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