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    Raiders post game thread

    Yep. It's time for a complete overhaul and IMHO everything is on the table.

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    2ndary yes. They have sucked for about 10-15 years now

    O line probably

    Special teams should be taken out and shot

    Linebackers/D-line are the strength of the team

    WR \'s show promise, but a stud wide out is needed
    I've been a Viking fan since I was just out of diapers, hopefully we get Super Bowl win before I go back in 'em

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    Ponder had some tunnel vision moments. Had some great throws combined with some awful ones. I still like the kid and you expect mistakes from a rookie. To get picked off only to come back and hit Shank with a beautiful throw. That is why I like him - despite a poor day he doesn't seem to let mistakes linger.

    O-line just flat out sucks. Two weeks in a row that defenders have had a untouched run right at Ponder. At this rate the team will be forced to draft another quarterback. I thought Sullivan was our only consistent guy today and I am not exactly a fan of his.

    WR - According to Souhan and Pelissero our wideout's are getting no separation down the field. When Ponder is forced to scramble the wideout's just stop and watch.

    TE - 50/50. You can't be getting offside penalties Shank. It seems you get one every damn game. Then you had Rudolph not getting his feet set which brought back a 15 yard gain.

    RB - Peterson was going to have a great game before going down. Gerhart is not a running back. The kid should hit the weights and make the switch to fullback.

    Percy Harvin - yeah he gets his own position. Quite frankly I don't know what he really is but the guy has steel balls. Wish we had 15 more people just like him.

    DL - Robison was getting manhandled on the edge. Despite the hot start he has crashed back down to earth. Glad to see a Kevin Williams sighting. Jared Allen didn't have a big game but I credit the Raiders. Ballard had the forced fumble and Guion with the blocked field goal but I still I want to see more out of our other DT's.

    LB - I felt they were mediocre for most of the game but apparently someone dosed them with 5 hour energy to start the 4th quarter. Greenway and EJ really came alive and I felt it kind of fired up the defense.

    As for the DB's again I don't have high expectations with all the injuries / Cook situation. I would give them a C (-) minus.

    ST - The Booker fumble killed us. Guy's not staying in their lanes.

  4. Overhaul, yeah, probably. But there are a few things that don't need to be messed with, at least not much.

    Tight Ends are good to great. If we lose Shiancoe after this year, he will need to be replaced, but Rudolph, IMO, is ready to take over the starting role. A bit of seasoning to eliminate the rookie mistakes, and he'll be just fine.

    Special Teams have been a bright spot this year, with only a couple of exceptions. Longwell is old and getting older so we should look for a replacement, but he is serviceable if no reasonable kicker is found. Kluwe is excellent as a punter. Returners are decent with potential for great improvement. The coverage units will, as always, be a function of what the final roster looks like. Backup LBs, WRs and secondary players fill this out on any team at any time.

    Quarterbacks should probably not be messed with at this point, now that Ponder has been handed the reins. Unless, of course, he falls completely apart riding out the rest of this season. Webb is decent to back him up. Now, if a high quality vet becomes available at a resonable price, then I would nto argue with pursuing one, but only in that case.

    Now, the rest of the teams does need some help. Like many, I agree that the biggest area of concern is the O-line. Unless a super stud LT is available, though, this is probably not high first round draft area. We need a lot of bodies, though, as none of the ones we have are getting it done consistently right now. I'd still seriously consider trading down a high pick for more mid-rounders.

    Defensive secondary is next on the list, although I think performance would improve here with a change in scheme and better positional coaching. These guys are often available in FA, so I would concentrate there first unless a standout falls to out draft position. Don't reach for them.

    We also need a good coverage LB. Our guys are built more for run stopping, not for speed. Leber should not have been let go, but that's water under the bridge. Depth here is also very important.

    We could possibly use another DT or two, although that really depends on how the young backups we now have can progress. Ballard in particular shows some promise. We could also use more DE depth.

    We might need to look for a RB. Peterson should still be good for a few more years yet, but I don't think either Gerhardt or Booker are full-time starter material, at least not yet.

    Those are my thoughts on our needs. Commentary is welcome.

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    What happened to those people that claimed a young and mobile QB would fix our OL? *snicker*
    Another theory bits the dust. Annnnd another one gone and another one gone, another one bits the dust.

    Even Hutch was getting lit up! They flat out suck.

    I was not sold on Ponder when we drafted him....he is not helping me change my mind.

    How does this team expect to fill out a new fancy stadium? This season is not helping. I am afraid this ship is sinking. Is Wilf even going to spend money on this team in the offseason? It does not look good my friends.

  6. I almost forgot Receiver... help is needed there as well, but even one fast field-stretcher with good hands would make a huge difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traveling_Vike View Post
    Now, the rest of the teams does need some help. Like many, I agree that the biggest area of concern is the O-line. Unless a super stud LT is available, though, this is probably not high first round draft area. We need a lot of bodies, though, as none of the ones we have are getting it done consistently right now. I'd still seriously consider trading down a high pick for more mid-rounders.
    With the way we are playing we will most likely have a chance of drafting Matt Kalil.

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    The secondary has not had an INT since Oct 9th.

    It is pretty hard to win with a young QB when you cannot get the ball in their hands and when you can't stop drives.

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    O-line gave Ponder an average of .5 seconds to get rid of the ball or run for his life. Our secondary is horrible and it shows. Linebacking play is mediocre at best and not much to smile about. EJ has lost more than a step and Greenway has been a non factor for most of the year...

    Robison is doing next to nothing on the end and teams are just going to double up/chip JA all day long with little regard for Robison on the other side.

    Ponder had a rough game, but appears to have the ability to mentally bounce back and make plays after stupid picks. I would be more critical of him at this point, but look what his supporting cast is for crying out loud. Our receivers have the shiftiness of a three toed sloth. Our o-line is one of the worst in the league, and to top it off AP gets hurt and were stuck with a running back who should of never been drafted at that position. No offense to Toby, but he is just too slow and is better suited as a fullback or something.

    Coaching staff is doing the best they can with the little talent that is on this team. That being said, I am not sure that they are the answer and am leaning on the side of no. We need a GM and a fresh start...but then again they may be gone after this year. What a mess.

    I have been watching the Vikes since I was a little guy and I can't remember them having this little talent and being this mediocre. Oh well, we had some good years also.
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    Ugh, collectively one of the worst games of the season, yes, that includes the Packers and Bears game.

    Coaching was a complete joke. Two end-arounds to Harvin in a row? Even a 12 year old could tell you that's a bad idea. Musgrave is tryign to get too cute with playcalling, and it bites us in the ass.

    By position:

    QB: C- Had some good moments, had some bad. Going to be tough to get a score higher than C+ behind this OL though. When he's not throwing interceptions, he's getting hit. Dude needs a bit of time. I still stand by the claim we need a vet this season. With the exception of a few very nice throws, he was still wildly inaccurate.

    RB: C AP started good, but Gerhart flat out sucks. Hated the draft pick, was willing to give him time as a player, but he's just not impressing. Would help to have some blocking though. Hope AP comes back, we might not win a game without him.

    WR: C+ With the exception of Harvin, this was pitiful. Drops by almost everyone, poor routes, miscommunication between them and the QB. Just bad all around.

    OL: F Please, please, PLEASE, hire an OL coach, and can everybody on the line. I'm sure just a center, QB and stacking 7 guys on the line near the sideline would yeild similar results as far as time to pass goes.

    D: C+ Not great, not completely awful. some good pressure, a few breakdowns against the run, but a few very nice plays as well.

    LB: B- our strength this game for sure. EJ/Greenway both getting in on sacks, everyone stepping up. Loved seeing Onatolu starting, didn't have an outstanding game, but nice to know he can play if called upon.

    CB C Improvement over last week, but that's not saying much. Saw Benny alot early on with success, not sure if he stayed in or what.

    S: C+ Probably a case of "no news is good news" No big plays, didn't really see them being picked on much here. Hopefully it's because they were doing their job pretty well

    K: B+ Smart move by Longwell on the non-kick. A block is a likely TD. The sack is an 10 yard loss. I have to wonder though, having kicked before, the kicker should have his focus 100% on the ball and trust his line will block. Why was he watching the guy coming around the edge?

    P: B+ decent peformance by Kluwe as usual. good hangtime, good distance

    Coverage: D. Fortunately, no huge plays, but they were just off. Missed tackles, not sticking to lanes. With the decent kickoffs and punts we had, we should have left them with much worse field position than we were.

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