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    Panthers post game thread


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    Our secondary just plain sucks. 4th and 14 and we give up what, 40?

    OTOH Ponder kept the offense moving for the most part and continued to look good. eterson looked good and even caught screens.

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    Game Ball: Ponder - for his first NFL win and for showing some improvement of accuracy.

    Honorable mention: Jared Allen, Adrian

    Overall solid game. Carolina came out inspired. Great run defense for most of the game, but no one contains AD all day.
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  4. Ponder looked better than last week. His accuracy even on the long incompletions they looked more on target. Peterson had a slow start but really got it going late when it mattered. Also we can actually covert third downs, a welcomed change. Harvin being on the field was nice too, the fumble though not so nice.

    Jared Allen was great again. 10 straight games with a sack is incredible. Secondary sucked but at times looked somewhat competent. Stopping Newton from running was big.

    Overall an exciting game that showed even more promise for Ponder in the future.

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    Game Ball - Peterson
    I know giving it to Ponder seems to be the way to go but you guys failed to realize that Peterson answered the call today. There was talk all week of FINALLY getting him involved in the passing game. He responds with a 5 catch 70+ yard game. That is the missing key to our
    offense. If we can get Peterson around 50 yards a game, it will open up everything in the middle of the field as LBs key on him and swarm. He lead our team in receiving and rushing today.

    Loved: Using Harvin more in the running game. It seems like he takes it for 7-10 yards every time he gets is and he moves the pile.
    Hated: Us not using him again until the 4th quarter. It seems like it was working in the first quarter and we didn't run a fake off of it at all.
    QB - B - Played Solid but didn't play amazing. Was under pressure from the defense a lot. Has to learn to throw the ball away
    RB - A - Had no alleys, met in the back field on almost every play. Stuck with it and willed us a win
    FB - C - Some nice blocks but missed a few
    WR -C - As always nothing game changing. Simply doing their jobs. Harvin was a nice plus
    TE - B - Big third down catches
    OL - D - No alleys, No pocket for most of the game. Eventually got it together.
    DL - D - Early pressure and sacks but they got pushed around like the new kid in school for most of the game. Williams where are you?
    LB - C - Some nice tackles but all in all, had little impact on the game
    CB - D - Asher Allen, quit football now. Start selling insurance.
    S - C - Abdullah and Sanford, become partners with Allen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Floyd View Post
    Our secondary just plain sucks. 4th and 14 and we give up what, 40?

    OTOH Ponder kept the offense moving for the most part and continued to look good. eterson looked good and even caught screens.
    4th and 14 and we go into the prevent D. 7 guys in coverage and we give up a big play. I don't put that play on the secondary. I put it on the gutless call by Pagac. Our secondary was not impressive all game, I agree, so why the hell didn't we help the Dline at all on that call and put more pressure on Newton.
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  7. So this is what it feels like when you get a little luck and win a game like this. Lost too many like this so it's about time one goes our way.

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    Jared Allen is a monster. Love that guy. AP is sick, so glad to see him get involved in the passing game. Still leaves stuff to be desired in pass blocking.

    Ponder is a monster. I will always have faith in him in a clutch situation. The one bad pass he had on 3rd and 14 I believe was throwing away from his body on the run so it's understandable. He played a great game and I'm so relieved to have him as our QB.

    Asher Allen sucks balls. Nice angle on Cam Newton douche. I hate our pass D and I hate Chris cook.

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    Good points for me was seeing Ponder improve and look a little more comfortable as the starter. Had some nice throws and looked more assured in what he was being asked to do. Some of the passes called weren't the smartest IMO but that is more on the play calling than on Ponder.

    JA had a good game again and led by example but my one gripe was the secondary play which was awful. Where were our safeties on certain plays such as the TD catch by Smith. That is an area that needs tightening up, we know the secondary is depleted for various reasons, but that is no excuse for poor play.
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    I have to say, I was completely wrong on playing Ponder this year. By no means is he playing like an all pro QB, But he sure looks better than anything we have had back there in years outside of Farves 1 good year. It is nice to at least have the feeling that something positive can happen in the air, especially on third downs. He looks in control even on the many plays the pocket does not develope. It has only been 2 1/2 games, but there is finally real hope there. I liked TJ, and hoped he would develope, but never felt as good about him as I do about Ponder already.

    Jared. 5 tackles, I thought a couple of them were TFL. 1 sack. 1 forced fumble. 1 fumble recovery.
    Love that man.
    Robison. Where have you gone?
    AD and percy. Tough to believe we could lose all those games with those two on our roster.
    Cook. You are an a-hole for letting down your teammates like this.
    Hate to say it but it might be time to bring in some kickers for a tryout.
    Plenty of positives from today. We definately had some luck on our side to get the win. Hope to see some more of this. #1 pick be damned.
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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