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    Quote Originally Posted by kevoncox View Post
    He's an idiot and you would be too if you continue to listen to him.
    It's chess, not checkers. If you prepare for a cover 3 but they keep giving you cover 2, do you continue your gameplan from the week in attacking the defense with corner routes? No you adjust, typically at half time. Dc's ask their defenses during the defense what they are seeing, guys in the booth send down their information, but during the game there is too much going on to formulate an solid gameplan based on what they are doing. Half time gives a coach an opportunity to recover, reassess and attempt to take away what they are seeing. We do it on all levels of football... I have seen it in HS, College, and Semi pro.
    Any coach who waits until halftime to make adjustments in the situation you list should be fired. He's just wasted a half.


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    Quote Originally Posted by littlekaps View Post
    First guys, thanks for the comments. It is nice to have some insight from the other team's fans without the "u are still the Lions, you still suck". (A couple of chiefs fans did that last week. Oops.)

    Anyways, I have heard some grumblings about the coaches and their adjustments and just read that Minny is the first team in the history of the NFL to be 0-2 after having double digit halftime leads in both games. This has usually been the Lions' achilles heel - last year, Jets, a game vs. u guys, and another game where we were leading and somewhat controlling the game.

    The Lions are an up and comer and this game will go a ways to showing if we have beaten a half decent team, the Bucs, and killed a team on the decline, the Chiefs.

    My biggest concern as a Lions fan is #28, but my biggest joy/elation is that you have #5 as your QB.

    Who replaced Edwards and Pat Williams at Dline? That was my other question and am too lazy to look it up as you will probably provide some commentary.

    Lastly, to the comment about allen and backus, expect a TE to line up there as well or a chip block from a back ALL DAY on that one.

    Good discussion.
    Brian Robison is our DE who replaced Edwards: He was a reserve/rotation player last year.
    Remi Ayodele is our DT: He played with the Saints last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevoncox View Post
    Teams adujust mid game that much is true. However, there is a difference in adjusting mid game and forming a game plan at the half to counter act the coverage. For instant. A coach may spend half time linking a post and slant play call package to bait the cover two defense into opening things up for the wheel route by the RB/slot WR. This is simply in the passing game...what about the LB movements, Dline stunts. Are the corners allowing inside outside releases, How are they playing the stretch vs. power. Inside slam vs. draw? Bootleg vs. roll outs. Do you really think all this is done on the fly? And having 30 mins to assess these things have no bearing on the game?

    Whats the sense of changind to a bootleg is the Oline can't block it, due to the stunts that the DLINE are getting.
    Unless it is the superbowl, it is 15 minutes, not 30. And honestly, there is only about 10 minutes max in the locker room that the coach has access to the players. They WILL take a look at video during halftime, and make adjustments accordingly, but for the most part halftime adjustments are highly overrated.

    Everything that you listed is being looked at the entire game by assistants and coordinators. In fact, during the game itself you will see players and coaches looking over printouts of the last series. So yes, they can do a lot of it on the fly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeus View Post
    Any coach who waits until halftime to make adjustments in the situation you list should be fired. He's just wasted a half.

    If you say so. There simply isn' t enough time during the game to reset. There isn't enough time for the coach to manage what is going on and make REAL changes to the gameplan. Ask Mike Martz, who last weekhad no idea he called 55 running plays to 11. Surely, he was tweaking during the half. o_O. They will tweak based on what he is seeing but Half time is the first time that he will have access to all his coaches. Yes their are print outs but who do you normally see with them? Qbs and the assistant coaches......
    Never mind I give up........ ignorance is comforting to many.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NodakPaul View Post
    Not me. I treat everything I hear drom internet wannabes as gospel.
    And now that you said it, I believe it too.

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