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  1. Lions fan here...

    Hello Vikings fans!!! Yes, as the title implies I am a Lions fan from one of our fan forums. Each week, I like to go to our opponent's fans forum to have a good conversation about the upcoming game. I'm not coming here to say your team sucks and we will kill you, after all, read the title, I am a Lions fan. I'm coming over just to hear some inside we don't hear on our sports talk or newspapers and offer any you might not hear about.

    Anyways, as you can imagine, those of us who bleed the honolulu blue are quite ecstatic this year after a very good start to our season. The cornbread for this team is cooking and everyone is awash in Lions butter as to how great we are.

    The crazy predictions are flying after we killed the Chiefs this week and, unfortunately, I have fallen into that trap and predicted a Lions win by a couple touchdowns.

    What we see about the Vikings-

    1) AP is awesome. He will probably have 150 and a couple tds.

    2) McNabb. The last time we saw him he was in a baseball cap for Washington during the two minute drill when we beat them. Also, we believe is a placeholder until Ponder steps up in the next few weeks.

    3) Your receivers - why the hell isn't Harvin playing more?

    4) Last week - what happened with Tampa Bay? Is your pass defense hurting bad enough that tampa came back from 17 down?

    5) The williams wall is gone. Allen is still there but Leber is gone and you have the Henderson boys at LB. Our run offense is not that great with more of a scat back in Jahvid Best.

    Overall, would love to hear anything about the questions above and as I stated, just looking for some good back and forth about what hopefully is a good ball game with no injuries this week for both sides.

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    Welcome! Always great to have a friendly discussion with the rival fans for the week. I am personally predicting a 31-21 win for the Lions. We are just as confused as you are about Percy Harvin. There is no explanation for why he is playing only 45% of the offensive snaps. Hopefully they get him a lot more involved this week. Also, it wasn't just the pass defense that let the Bucs back in the game. We shut down their running game completely in the first half, but Blount ran all over us in the 2nd half. Their ability to run all over us really opened up their passing game. We will also have Kevin Williams back for the game this week. This could be a battle of elite D-Lines. Whichever team is able to keep their QB upright should have a clear advantage in this one. Our interior line will get eaten up by Suh. Just as I believe that Jared Allen will beat Backus frequently off the edge. What it comes down to is that your team has momentum, and ours doesn't. You also have a much more explosive team. The Vikings are desperate for a win though. At home, where we have an immaculate record (especially in this series). But all things considered, I think the Lions win by 10. I also hope for a great game with no injuries on either side! Enjoy PP.O, I'm sure you will be treated with nothing but respect and great conversation here. Skol!

    Sorry Rick! Keep up the good work.

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    Welcome to PP.O!

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

  4. I think the Lions have the better team right now and my first thought is that they'll probably win, however this is a divisional matchup and despite team quality from either side these games usually end up pretty good.

    I'm picking the Vikings by a FG at home. 20 to 17 Vikings.

  5. Let me start by saying we are just as confused about Percy's use on the field as you are.

    That being said I don't believe for a second that our defense is as bad as they have looked in the second half of games so far this year. Our problems in large part stem from our coaches, and their inexperience at making adjustments at half time. Our offense as a result stagnates in the second half forcing our defense onto the field with little rest, thus they begin to under perform as the half drags on.

    While I agree that this will likely be a Lion's victory, I think it'll be a lot closer than mos think.

  6. First guys, thanks for the comments. It is nice to have some insight from the other team's fans without the "u are still the Lions, you still suck". (A couple of chiefs fans did that last week. Oops.)

    Anyways, I have heard some grumblings about the coaches and their adjustments and just read that Minny is the first team in the history of the NFL to be 0-2 after having double digit halftime leads in both games. This has usually been the Lions' achilles heel - last year, Jets, a game vs. u guys, and another game where we were leading and somewhat controlling the game.

    The Lions are an up and comer and this game will go a ways to showing if we have beaten a half decent team, the Bucs, and killed a team on the decline, the Chiefs.

    My biggest concern as a Lions fan is #28, but my biggest joy/elation is that you have #5 as your QB.

    Who replaced Edwards and Pat Williams at Dline? That was my other question and am too lazy to look it up as you will probably provide some commentary.

    Lastly, to the comment about allen and backus, expect a TE to line up there as well or a chip block from a back ALL DAY on that one.

    Good discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlekaps View Post
    Anyways, I have heard some grumblings about the coaches and their adjustments and just read that Minny is the first team in the history of the NFL to be 0-2 after having double digit halftime leads in both games.
    Mike Morris, a former Vikings (and other teams) player who hosts a morning show here in the Twin Cities on KFAN, has said MANY MANY MANY times that the concept of "halftime adjustments" is EXTREMELY overrated by fans and is negligible to the outcome of a game.

    So, I tend to listen to him, over internet wannabes (like me).


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Welcome. It is nice to have intelligent fans of opposing teams come in here.

    The Lions are looking good and I think I very dangerous team. Hopefully Stafford can stay healthy too.

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    I picked the lions to win the super bowl three years from now, last year. Looks like you guys are making the right moves. I'm worried about Suh. I hate seeing him in a Lions uniform because I'm a huge husker fan and didn't want him to come to a division rival. But you guys are looking like a dangerous team, I think you guys will be a contender next year after adding just a couple pieces in the secondary. Good luck this Sunday, and as for any questions about our team, we are the vikings. That should tell you enough.

  10. First off, welcome to our little purple home. It's always nice to have a visit from knowledgeable and respectful rival fans.

    Your team is definitely much improved, and should continue to get better. For the first time in quite a while, I consider you a real threat. You've made some really great moves the last couple of years. Our own changes have been somewhat questionable but the jury is still out on most of them.

    I am in full agreement with Zeus about "halftime adjustments." As far as I am concerned, adjustments should be a constant flow throughout a game, not just a bunch of changes at halftime. Football has often been compared to a chess match, and in the same vein, each side must constantly reevaluate based on what the opponent has done and is doing right now.

    I will venture to guess that we'll see a reversal of recent Viking habits, with the Lions jumping out to the early lead and the Purple forging a comeback later. I suspect that with your explosive passing attack, you may have some difficulty controlling the clock against our D. We, however, will have to rely a lot on AD and our rushing attack to get back in the game, doing some of your job for you.

    In the end, I think we fall short but make a game of it. Final score, Lions win 31-24.

    At least we get the train wreck Chiefs next week...

    My Meeple is purple. What color is yours?

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